Is Your Property “Too Dated” for the Current Market?

Last modified on October 2nd, 2018

Staging a model apartment for maximum impact is about more than just throwing around a few couch cushions and dressing the dining table. Trends change frequently. Remember all the turquoise and white chevron patterned pillows a few years ago? Outdated.

Oh, the chevron pattern is still popular. But, today you’ll get more nods with a black and white motif or by moving the pattern to the floor and drapes.

Here are a few tips to help you get the staging right, if you’re not wowing your prospects.

  1. Back splash accents in the kitchen cut your wall in half. This tends to visually lower the ceiling height. Instead consider, a herringbone pattern or subway tiles that flow from the stove – above and around the hood – all the way to the ceiling. Draw the eye up, especially if you ceiling is below 8 feet.
  2. Get rid of the pouf hassock. X-benches or leather cubes are better choices today. Keep the height around 18-19 inches for comfortable seating and under table storage when not in use. This keeps your space uncluttered, while presenting options for expanding options for entertainment.
  3. Maple and Oakwood cabinets are so 2000-ish. It’s easy to remedy with a fresh coat of paint. A very neutral and popular cabinet choice today is Benjamin Moore White Dove. Shades of white are timeless and clean. 
  4. Want to add some contrast to your kitchen? Consider light colored upper spaces and cabinets with dark lower compartments. Navy and Ebony are excellent color options when applied to lower cabinets and islands only.
  5. Wall art and table decorations add personal touches that make a unit a home. Outdated wall art detracts from the desirable assets your property offers. Those “EAT” and “COOK ON DUTY SIGNS” in the kitchen are ready to be retired. The all caps approach to something obvious is losing its appeal for many. Rather than aim for the “matchy-matchy” look, create a gallery of black and white photos pinned to a corkboard covered in linen. Personal, homey and attractive.
  6. Another 2000-ish embellishment is the pendant light that looks like you have a rack of wine glasses dangling from the ceiling. Orbs are the latest trend. Choose antique finishes, monotone and two-tone options are easy to find at your neighborhood home improvement store and through online retailers. Clear globes outshine frosted globes in most settings.
  7. Replace sleigh beds with less bulky canopy beds. Tall, thin posts draw the eye up. A smaller footprint opens up the room and alleviates the claustrophobic effect that a huge bed creates. There’s no need to drape the frame. Want to add more interest without overwhelming the space? A padded head board with detailed stitching or an interesting fabric adds texture.

Prospective residents are looking for a home. Tastefully staged rental property tends to generate more interest and may attract higher-quality residents because the furnishings and decorative elements increase the value perception.

Take a look at to see the difference you can make when you plan your apartment staging with the intention of boosting the value through perception.

Never miss an opportunity to add value for your clients. Once you get your model units staged and ready for viewing, remember to post photos of your makeover on your property management website and social media sites. Images boost your search ranking, and help you shape the way current residents and prospects view your property.


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