Keeping Your Properties Safe With AppFolio

Last modified on June 16th, 2017

For property managers, safety is key. When you manage a property, you’re responsible for a great deal, and the safety and upkeep of your property is one of the most important priorities you have. Without proper upkeep on your property, you’re setting yourself up for problems. However, if you manage many different properties, it can be hard to keep track of everything that needs to be done.

Not to worry. One of the best ways to stay up to date with maintenance is to use property management maintenance software. It helps you keep track of both regularly scheduled maintenance tasks and one-time issues. It also gives you the ability to access your data and deal with problems from anywhere.

Legal Issues for Property Managers
As a manager, you accept the responsibility for the safety of the residents and staff on your property. This includes their health and physical well-being. If residents are injured on your property, they may choose to take legal action against you, citing poor maintenance practices as the reason they were hurt. This could prove to be quite costly for you and can damage your reputation. You can help protect yourself from liability by simply using technology to manage the maintenance of the properties.

Preventing Hazards on Your Property
Hazards come in a number of different forms. Property managers have to be conscious of both physical and biological hazards. Physical hazards like broken steps are often easily fixable and even preventable with routine maintenance. Routine maintenance can also help prevent leaks in plumbing, gas lines, and HVAC units.

Biological hazards are also preventable, despite their more ominous name. For instance, inspect your property regularly for mold and mildew, and if any is found, clean it up promptly. The sooner you take care of potential hazards, the better off your residents will be.

AppFolio’s Work Order Feature Helps You More Easily Maintain Your Properties
With AppFolio’s property management software, maintenance doesn’t have to be a constant headache. You can access information about your property and manage work orders from within the software to get the problems fixed promptly. By responding to maintenance requests quickly, you’ll be able to take care of minor issues before they become more serious ones that threaten the safety and well-being of your residents. Who can argue with that kind of efficiency?


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