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Leasing Season Survival Kit: Prep Now, Relax Later – Webinar Recap

With the ever-changing landscape of the rental market, it’s important to be a leasing season prepper! Current trends are showing that we’re seeing things like dropping occupancy rates, slowing rent growth, and that homeownership is at a near historic low. All that combined with the millennial generation beginning to buy homes, how can you stay effective during leasing season to attract renters to your properties?

Make the Most Out of Leasing Season

In a recent webinar, AppFolio expert David Gaultiere provides an overview of the rental trends we’re seeing this year as well as five actionable ways to make the most out of this leasing season.

Find out how you can take these 5 steps to turn your leasing process into a supercharged machine:

  • Showcase Your Rentals – With more than half of the renting population depending on their phones to search for new properties, are you putting your rentals in the right places? Are your mobile ads optimized?
  • Quick Follow-Up – Today’s renters don’t want to wait to get more info or view a property, find out what available tools you can utilize to quickly follow up with renters so you don’t lose them.
  • De-Risk Applications – Renting can be risky, so don’t let a bad decision get in the way of missing out on a great tenant or signing the wrong one!
  • Effortless Conversions – Get your renting prospects from application to tenant without having to go through manual forms and additional paperwork. A streamlined process is within reach.
  • Make Renters Happy – Happy renters lead to long-term renters. Find out what you can do to retain your great tenants to build a great community at your properties.

Check out David’s presentation recording below for an outlook on the rental market and how you can thrive in it: