Must Have Property Management Value-Added Services for Single-Family Properties

Last modified on January 6th, 2016

If you want to position yourself as a property management leader, you’ll have to provide a full-service management portfolio with customized, personal service that outshines your competition. Optimizing the value of your services for single-family homeowners means you not only collect and distribute rents, but you also provide a full range of solutions that help you build lasting relationships.

Here are some single-family home management value-added services to consider.

Strategic Planning

Consistently capturing the highest return on investment for homeowners is critical to client satisfaction. A robust resident acquisition and retention plan includes proven resident screening services, a highly-skilled leasing staff and market comparison tools that enable rental rate adjustments based on local pricing and availability.

Financial Planning

Benchmarking financial goals requires accurate reporting. Property management teams provide owners access to monthly statements, cost projections for major renovations and assistance negotiating utility rates and vendor contracts.

Physical Asset Management

Preventive maintenance programs, annual unit inspections and physical asset analysis keep property values high for owners. Well-maintained properties cost less to manage and attract higher caliber residents.

Proprietary Technology

Leveraging state-of-the-art technology improves performance and productivity. Using dedicated industry software to facilitate workflow management processes and systems shows homeowners you value their trust.

Training and Education

Training and professional development – for management and staff – ensures everyone is familiar with how to use technology properly and to its greatest advantage. Value-added services may include hosting training seminars or online training sessions to help homeowners get the most from online resources, such as owner’s portals and maintenance tracking tools.

Compliance and Regulation

Attending conferences and training seminars that showcase amendments to Fair Housing rules and other industry-related programs displays a commitment to protect owners’ rights and encourage responsible behaviors. Sharing knowledge gained via blog posts and links on the company website encourages owners to stay abreast of regulatory changes.

Advertising and Marketing

Maintaining an attractive website for potential residents is a cost effective marketing tool and an excellent communication channel. Offering a broad spectrum of advertising media – social network channels, website, print media and mobile – increases exposure in the market place.

Value-Added Services: A Demonstration of Client Appreciation and Respect

An exceptional property management team understands the local rental market and strives to continually update skills and technology to better serve single-family owners. Value-added services demonstrate a clear appreciation for your clients’ patronage and respect for their investment. These are just a few of the many value-added services property management teams can offer single-family homeowners. Talk to your current customers and prospects to find out what services they would like to see added to your portfolio.


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