Ongoing Training For Property Management Staff

Last modified on June 24th, 2024

It is important that all members of your property management team remain on the same page; that way the level of service delivered to your residents is always consistent. Offering appropriate training for all members of your property management team makes all of the difference in the world. Focus on offering the following training:

Have Them Shadow Other  Professionals Working Around The Property.
Make sure that even your administrative staff has seen what it takes to keep the property kept up at all times. This means going out with them when maintenance contractors are doing the work and explaining the important aspects of the process. Your property management team is responsible for arranging all necessary maintenance, so empowering them with visual knowledge only improves their ability to do their job well.

Make Sure They Know How To Answer Popular Questions
There are questions that prospective and existing property owners will always ask your team. The ones you experience regularly should be documented in an FAQ, and each team member should both memorize and keep a copy of it handy. It’s important that all team members answer questions consistently.

Rotate Their Positions

If you have staff assigned to work on either specific properties, or specific aspects of property management, at consider rotating them periodically. Otherwise, a team member’s vacation or a sick day could derail the efficiency of your office. People can continue to work where they are most proficient on an ongoing basis, but periodic rotation means everyone is familiar with everything!

Be Accessible

The higher-level staff should always be accessible to newer members of the team. Having a positive attitude towards those asking questions is just as important as having an open door policy, and promptly responding to emails and phone calls. The best team members ask questions, and they should never have to hesitate when it comes to doing so!

Invest In Certifications

Investing in your current team can really pay off in the long run.  Associations like IREM, NARPM and NAA offer certification programs for property management professionals.  Other providers like Grace Hill offer great subscription services that can keep your team up to date.

Do you have any other tips to share on training informed property management staff? Or feel like you could use some ongoing training yourself? Why not check out our webinar on time management best practices for property managers.


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