Communication is one of the most important parts of any business, even property management. As the one in charge, it’s up to you to be the liaison between your residents and your support people. When an issue arises, residents expect a quick resolution, and for busy managers, that can be difficult. It’s not impossible to take care of, though, and property management maintenance software can be what gets the job done. Having software to help isn’t the final solution, though, so keep in mind that the responsibility is still yours.

Why Respond Quickly?
Since emergency problems often involve plumbing, heating, or gas, it isn’t surprising that these are issues to be tackled immediately. Even non-emergency problems should be dealt with quickly, though. The reason why is actually quite simple: Often non-emergency problems develop into larger issues, so tackling them early will get them out of the way. That’s not the only reason to take care of your residents quickly, however.

Resident Satisfaction
Whether you’re responding to a maintenance issue, a rent question, or simply communicating with your resident, you’re showing them that you’re an engaged landlord. You’re helping to take care of them so they’ll be more likely to take care of their own home. Residents who are happy with their homes are more likely to be long-term renters, recommend friends to live at your property, and generally be the kind of resident you want to have.

Essentially, a quick response can not only be good for your property, but your business as well. Don’t let a great opportunity like this get away.

Property Maintenance Software
AppFolio offers property management software designed to make responding to maintenance requests easier and more efficient. With AppFolio, you’ll be able to see all in-progress requests, and get work crews on site sooner. AppFolio also lets you communicate with your residents by sending copies of their work orders to their email. This will help to let them know you’re working on the problem.

The added bonus is that AppFolio’s not just for maintenance requests, it’s also for managing your whole property management business tracking including tracking rent payments and vacancies. AppFolio helps you oversee your properties and can help you become a more efficient, more successful landlord.