The Importance of Trusting Your Technology

Last modified on June 26th, 2024

When it comes to the technology used to run a business, trust is a tremendous factor that can be overlooked. Features and benefits are often the first things considered during the initial phases of software research, but it’s critical to evaluate solution providers as partners as well. Ensure that your software vendor not only delivers what they promise today but also forms a relationship with your business to support you through the ever-changing tech and business landscape.

The Importance of Customer Testimonials and Referrals

Throughout your search for new property management software, in addition to making sure the software can do everything you need it to, it’s a critical step to take a look at how current users of the technology feel about the vendor. The step of reviewing customer testimonials for sentiment as well as asking to speak to them for referrals should not be skipped. Ensure that the property management companies not only love the software but value the relationship they’ve built with the vendor.

We recently sat down with Joel Tampien, co-founder of 4 Degrees Real Estate, to learn about how their partnership with AppFolio Property Manager PLUS has allowed them to scale their business and maintain excellent service experiences for their customers.

Brothers Joel and Jordan Tampien, founders of 4 Degrees Real Estate, manage a mixed portfolio comprised of multifamily and single family residential properties and community associations. With a solid technology foundation, they have scaled their business from managing 20 units to a portfolio of over 4,300 units, and are continuing their growth today.

Trusting Your Property Mangement Technology

According to Joel, who has been with AppFolio for just over three years, they appreciate the innovative and forward-thinking nature of their property management software, making it easy for them to grow their business. “For example,” according to Joel, “just as we were investing in community associations, AppFolio released new association management capabilities within our software, allowing us to take advantage of new technology and bring on new business.” He goes on to say,

What allows us to grow is the trust we have in our software solution. We trust AppFolio Property Manager PLUS as our back-end supporter. With AppFolio, we’re able to go out into the market with a professional platform and approach new clients. Without this technology, we would not be able to solicit their business. I trust AppFolio as a company and can see us growing alongside AppFolio for a very long time.

Find a Technology Partner, Not Just a Software Vendor

Ensure that you choose of property management software solution that not only meets your immediate needs as far as features and benefits but also look for a vendor that will partner with you now and in the future. Take it from Joel, “AppFolio holds the key to success for the industry, and it’s a great organization to be partnered with.”

Read the whole story to learn more about our partnership with 4 Degrees Real Estate.

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