The Need For A Great Property Management Website

Last modified on March 15th, 2019

Two seconds.

That’s how long Internet users will wait for a site to load before they start abandoning, according to a study of 6.7 million users by UMass Amherst. After five seconds 25% will leave and by 10 seconds half will be gone.

Can your website pass that kind of impatience test? If you hope to stay competitive in your market, it had better.

Your website is crucial to your success. In a survey of residential property managers conducted by AppFolio, 72% said they view Internet Marketing as a top business priority and view their website as very important for marketing to both owners and residents. As technology improves and mobile becomes more pervasive, your website will become even more critical.

Here are some points to consider when reviewing your property management website design:

Design From The Customers’ Point Of View
Your site should do what your prospective tenants want. It needs to work for them intuitively to help them achieve their objectives. The website that is built-in and completely integrated with AppFolio’s Property Management Software is designed with that in mind. The software was developed with input from property managers who know what their prospective customers need so user-focused design is built in.

Make It Clean, Organized And Easy To Navigate
Whoever found you is likely searching other sites as well. Keep them on your site by making it simple for them to get the information they need quickly. Be sure that your site provides integrated vacancy listings and geographical locations to ensure that the right prospective tenants find you in their search results.

Differentiate Unit Descriptions
“Apartments for Rent” won’t capture anyone’s attention. Highlight what makes your unit better than your competitors’. Use pictures and videos. Help a prospect envision living in your unit.

Benchmark Your Competition’s Sites
See what they are doing. Compare their sites to yours and see which is simpler, offers the most information, and is the easiest to work with.

Stay Current With The Technology
Today’s empowered consumers live their lives online. Your website should demonstrate that should they choose one of your properties, they will be able to interact with you that way. They want to fill out applications, pay rent, and submit maintenance requests online. With integrated property management software, you can illustrate that capability from their first visit.

Your website is your window to the world of your prospective customers. Make it the best it can be.



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