Wave Summit 2021: Ride With us Into the Future of Real Estate

Last modified on March 30th, 2021

At AppFolio, we believe that innovation comes in waves. These waves start as ripples, gather strength, and end up shaping the entire industry. So on May 12th and 13th, we invite you to ride into the future of real estate by joining us at the AppFolio Wave Summit, a free virtual conference. At the event, you’ll have the opportunity to attend 20+ sessions led by 30+ top industry leaders who will share the latest trends, technologies, and innovations you need to stay ahead of the competition. 

Here’s a sneak peek of some of the incredible keynote speakers you’ll have the opportunity to learn from:

  • Erica Dhawan, author, entrepreneur, and leading expert on digital teamwork
  • Erik Qualman, New York Times bestselling author and futurist
  • Matthew Luhn, master Pixar storyteller and creative mentor
  • Heather McGowan, disruptive thought leader and future-of-work strategist 
  • Lisa Trosien, founder of Apartment All Stars and owner of APT Listserve 
  • James Scott, leading MIT researcher and innovation problem solver
  • And more!

As this past year has reinforced, those who don’t stay at the forefront of our industry will be left behind. By attending this event, you’ll obtain the expert insights and learnings that you need to adapt your strategies and future-proof your business. There will be six tracks focused on the future of real estate from every angle. Here’s what you can expect:

The Future of Property 

In this track, we’ll focus on how trends and preferences influence where we will live, work, and play. While it’s no secret that densely populated, expensive, urban areas have seen a large outflow of residents, the question remains whether or not these cities will be as desirable as they once were. Is work-from-home the new norm? We’ll tackle the future of property from all sides to give you the tools you need to make your best decisions. 

This track will feature keynotes and fireside chats, including a panel focused on the ramifications the last year has had on resident preferences and how flexibility may be the multifamily differentiator of the future. 

The Future of Technology

The best technology fades into the background, seamlessly blending into our personal and professional lives. With that in mind, we wonder how will new innovations be incorporated into our professional lives? In this track, we’ll explore which of today’s innovations will become tomorrow’s mainstays that we can’t imagine being without. 

Topics covered include the practical application of AI and automation in property management, thoughtful technologies to attract residents, cybersecurity safeguards, and much more. James Scott, lead researcher at MIT’s Real Estate Innovation Lab, will be among the many interesting speakers in this track.

The Future of Community

Over the past year we’ve experienced the paradox of simultaneously being both more connected and more isolated than ever before. In this track, we’ll examine how to bridge that gap, strengthen interactions, and future-proof your business and processes. We’ll  consider changes to how we connect and interact with each other, our neighbors, and our environment. 

Topics include serving homeowners of today and tomorrow, building connected and sustainable communities, and conflict resolution and keeping the peace. There will be many keynotes and fireside chats in this track, including one with Ernest Oriente, author of SmartMatch Alliances and founder of PowerHour® and the PowerHour Leadership Academy.

The Future of Investment

If nothing else, the financial markets of today can be described as volatile. Indices sometimes rise hundreds of points one day, only to lose those gains the next. Interest rates are near zero, raising the question of whether US Treasuries are even worth investing in. These historically low rates, however, combined with the stability, long-term appreciation, cash flow, inflation-resistancy, and democratization (through crowdfunding)  of real estate have made property a preferred asset class.

In this track, we’ll discuss this, as well as where the opportunities of the future lie. Along with the many speakers in this track, Nat Kunes and Emma Nazim of AppFolio Investment Management will share recent research uncovering the needs, concerns, and expectations of the modern real estate investor. 

The Future of Work

We’ve all had to adapt to a new reality recently in order to ensure business continuity. The global pandemic has accelerated our progress towards the future of work, where expenditure in human potential is the greatest opportunity for return on investment. In this track, we’ll look at how the disruption to work is causing leaders to reimagine how they organize their businesses with an eye towards agility and resilience. 

Some themes that we will touch upon include how unlearning is just as important to success today as learning, and how to embrace uncertainty and ambiguity, as we will be living with these in the post-pandemic world. Among the many speakers in this track is Heather McGowan, author of the timely and prescient The Adaptation Advantage: Let Go, Learn Fast, and Thrive in the Future of Work.

The Future of Housing Markets

In this track, we’ll look at how macro trends, like demographics, migration patterns, and economic realities on the ground influence behavior and policy within our states, cities, and towns. Jordan Brooks, Market Analyst at ALN Apartment Data, will be one of the many speakers in this track.

Join Us

At the AppFolio Wave Summit, we’ll explore the future of real estate from every angle. You’ll walk away with the expert insights and learnings that you need to adapt your strategies and future-proof your business. It’s free to attend, so be sure to bring your entire team. You can register here. While you’ll be able to access most session recordings after the event if you register, the opportunity to ask questions and network is invaluable, and will only be available to those who attend live. 

We look forward to riding the wave of innovation with you towards a better and brighter future.


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