Have You Been Left Behind By Discontinued Software? There Is A Solution

Last modified on January 6th, 2016

Have you ever had a software program you use be discontinued? If you have then you know that when software is being discontinued, users should act quickly to transition to a comparable program if they want to ensure that they don’t experience any interruption of service, critical system issues or loss of the data they manage with the current program.

What happens when a software system gets discontinued?

If your software system is being discontinued, you may be wondering what will happen. When software is discontinued, your software will no longer be updated and at some point, customer support will end. You won’t be able to take advantage of new technology, and you may have problems if you upgrade your computer’s operating system. Further, if you have any technical support issues with your software, there will be no one available to help you from the software provider, although third party help may be available. This could prove to be disastrous; you could come in one day and discover that you can’t access your data at all. Though some problems might be ultimately resolved, you may experience significant downtime.

Why is it important to transition early from a discontinued software system?

All transitions take time. Not only do you need to move your data over to another system and ensure that the new system is correct, but you also need to train your staff members in using the new system. If you wait too long to transition to your new system, you may find yourself running into issues later on. Further, if you wait until your software system is already discontinued, you won’t be able to get any help from your software company following the the transition. This will make what could be a fairly simple task an arduous process. Transitioning early gives you times to iron out any potential problems and get your staff members acclimated to the new software’s use.

What should you look for when transitioning software solutions?

When transitioning to a new software solution, you should look for a solution that will serve you well for a long time. Newer forms of technology, such as cloud solutions, are preferable because they will be in use for a long time to come. You should also look for software that is easy to transition to, with fast data migration and customer service options for those making a transition. The company you choose should be well-supported and well-documented. Moreover, it should have the capability to perform the important tasks that your prior solution did to avoid potential confusion and integration issues.

How can changing your software solutions improve your bottom line?

While it’s never pleasant to find out that your software system is being discontinued, users may find that this change is ultimately beneficial. Changing software solutions allows a company to take advantage of new technology and, often, solutions that will work out better for them overall. In the realm of property management, AppFolio is a leading solution that can increase a company’s bottom line through its remarkably easy to use and intuitive interface and wealth of advanced features. Users of the soon-to-be discontinued TenantPro system may find that their administrative staff members spend far less time on tasks and are more productive overall.

With only a few more months of support being provided for TenantPro, current TenantPro customers should secure their new software system as soon as possible. Contact us today to find out more about AppFolio.


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