Boost confidence in times of disruption: 5 ways to strengthen communication and safeguard your business

By Nat Kunes April 16 2020 5 min read
boost confidence in times of disruption covid 19

COVID-19 continues to have an impact on real estate investing, and many investment management firms are experiencing business disruptions as a result. Here are some proactive ways you can prioritize transparency and accessibility for your team and investors:

Provide On-Demand Access to Information

It is critical to provide investors with 24/7 access to important investment information. This approach will instill confidence in your business, and will ensure your investors are receiving the heightened level of transparency needed in times of uncertainty. 

Communicate Frequently 

Prioritize giving your investors a “white glove” experience, even if you aren’t able to meet with them in person. Make sure they feel an open line of communication to your office with frequent updates via email, and include customized merge fields in emails for a personalized touch.

Remotely Grow Your Business

Stay focused on growing your business by remotely sharing new investment offerings. Determine the best method of instant communication to investors (such as bulk email) and promote new projects by sharing targeted performance metrics to get your investors interested and excited to contribute. 

Exchange Documents Efficiently

Sharing documents digitally will allow you to respect your investors’ boundaries, while also keeping your business moving. Make sure you have a secure digital document sharing and signing solution in place to help exchange and track fundraising documents like Subscription Agreements, Operating Agreements, and Private Placement Memorandums.

Share Timely and Transparent Reporting

Distributing important reporting information as soon as possible will help provide assurance to investors that your business is their trusted partner in times of disruption. Consolidate as much investor data as available into a single, shareable document and look professional with branded, personalized statements. 

Have the confidence that you can run your business smoothly, especially in times of uncertainty. If you have any questions or are looking to learn more, reach out to us at info@appfolioinvestmentmanaement.com