Invest Smarter with an Investor Portal

By Mike Sebastian May 17 2022 5 min read
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Investor portals are becoming a critical piece of the modern real estate investors’ toolkit. In a recent study by AppFolio Investment Manager of 100+ real estate investors, 74% reported accessing an investor portal at least once a month, and investors age 18-44 actively seek out investment management firms that provide investor portals.

Investor portals allow you to stay informed about your investments with a personalized online portal designed for transparency and clarity. They allow you to watch your investments grow, have clear communication with your investment manager, and organize all important documents in one accessible place.

It’s no surprise investor portals are becoming increasingly in demand–we now have the stock market in our back pockets, shouldn’t our real estate investments be just as accessible?

Your general partner now has the ability to provide you with such experiences, and many across all asset classes and deal structures are beginning to do so. Tools like the AppFolio Investor Portal are becoming commonplace, and as research shows many investors are beginning to expect it as part of their relationship with their investment managers.

Here are a few benefits real estate investors are experiencing with the AppFolio Investor Portal provided to them via their investment managers:

Stay updated with easy access to your investment portfolio.

The AppFolio Investment Manager Investor portal includes an easy-to-read Dashboard for a summary of all your investments. It’s designed to keep complex investment information simple and organized.

Key benefits:

  • Access important investment information 24/7.
  • Have an up-to-date view of your investment positions.
  • See a list of current and past investments with details.
  • Get a summary of all investment positions and capital invested and distributed.

Understand your investments’ assets

With an Investor Portal, you can bring your investments to life with 24/7 access to detailed information on all your devices. Understanding asset details will give you a more tangible investment experience and will help you have more informed discussions with your investment manager.

Key benefits:

  • Read property descriptions to learn details about building types, number of units, and more.
  • See property photos and discover where each property is located in a map view.
  • Understand asset valuation details and loan balances.
  • Stay in the loop on all construction or renovation updates throughout every step of the work process.

Organize documents in one secure place

Paper documents lack security, can get lost, and are difficult to safely share with CPAs and other financial managers. Important investment documents are organized and stored in the Investor Portal, which is backed by state-of-the-art data security.

Key benefits:

  • Easily access annual and quarterly reports, K-1s, operating agreements, investment documents, and more.
  • Get an organized view of tax forms by year and by investment.
  • Share documents securely with CPAs and financial managers.
  • Have peace-of-mind that your important documents are safely stored.
  • Electronically sign investment documents to save time.

Track your progress with real-time investment performance

It’s important to have real-time visibility to your investments’ progress. The Investor Portal gives 24/7 access to easy-to-understand performance metrics with both high-level data and details.

Key benefits:

  • See a summary of total invested and total distributed across all investments.
  • View financial and metric performance for each investment.
  • Understand your investments’ historical performance in a simplified view.
  • Receive quarterly and annual reports and keep them safely stored in one place.
  • Have access to contribution and distribution history that can be shared with CPAs and other financial managers.

Quick access to new potential offerings ready to be fundraised

Always staying connected with your investment manager as they source new potential offerings. The Investor Portal will notify you of new offerings posted by your investment manager – you can then compare, prioritize, and select the offerings that excite you the most.

Key benefits:

  • Gain full transparency into new offerings, including property information, Private Placement Memorandums, and targeted performance metrics.
  • Easily submit interest to invest and sign agreements directly from the portal.
  • Get notified in real-time when a new potential offering is listed so that you’re never late to the party.

If any of these benefits sound important to you, one of our product experts would be happy to help. Have your investment manager fill out this form and we’ll schedule a customized demo with them today.