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Considering 24 Hour Security for Your Multi-Unit Properties

Increasing crime rates near your community may have residents up in arms – literally – seeking better security for their homestead and their loved ones that occupy it. Whether you own or serve as the property management company for a multi-unit housing complex, make residents and homeowners’ safety a priority in 2014 by considering adding a security patrol to your agenda.

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Should You Require Residents to Have Renters Insurance?

Requiring residents to carry renters insurance is one of the most valuable property management levers that you have at your disposal. Unfortunately, a recent Insurance Information Institute (III) poll indicates a major discrepancy in the number of homeowners that have insurance at 96 percent compared to an estimated 35 percent of tenants who had renters insurance in 2013.

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How To Handle Property Inspections for Occupied Units

As the owner of rental properties, whether it be one or multiple units, annual inspections are a vital part of the process. Sometimes, you might have a long-term tenant that religiously renews that lease year after year – and you appreciate that. However, unless you employ a property manager to handle daily operations, property upkeep is your responsibility and you’ll need to perform the occasional inspection while a unit is still occupied.

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