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3 Reasons Every Property Manager Should Do Annual Inventory

Jeanne M. Salvatore, senior vice president and consumer spokesperson for Insurance Institute Information, recommends that all homeowners take time to make a complete list of personal property to control their assets. Salvatore’s recommendations also apply to property managers. Working from a proactive vantage point, residential property managers who commit to an annual review of physical inventory stand to gain greater control over their return on assets.

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Why Reinvent The Wheel When You Can Steal It? (Webinar Recap)

We hosted a great webinar today with Apartment Internet Marketing (AIM) and AppFolio, featuring Charity Zierten (Socially Engaged Marketing), Amanada Zinsmeyer (Behringer Harvard Residential) and Sarah Greenough (Princeton Properties) on the topic of “Why Reinvent the Wheel When You Can Steal It?” This webinar was packed with several ideas on how you can leverage or “steal” marketing concepts and campaign ideas that have been proven successful and adapt those ideas for your own property management marketing.

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Considering 24 Hour Security for Your Multi-Unit Properties

Increasing crime rates near your community may have residents up in arms – literally – seeking better security for their homestead and their loved ones that occupy it. Whether you own or serve as the property management company for a multi-unit housing complex, make residents and homeowners’ safety a priority in 2014 by considering adding a security patrol to your agenda.

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