5 Ways Property Managers Make More Money & Save Time With AppFolio

There are many more than five ways that AppFolio Property Manager helps your business make more money but five is a nice round number.

1. Automatically post vacancies to your website and the Internet so you fill vacancies faster and collect more rent.

2. Accept rent online and avoid the monthly cost associated with processing rent checks.

3. You spend zero time fixing and updating your software or training new staff on old technology so you have much more time to attract new customers.

4. You can manage more properties without investing more money to grow your staff so you save money on your most expensive resource—employees.

5. Make more informed business decisions with customizable reports that you can run on-demand, from anywhere so you can easily analyze the profitability of your portfolio.

"We just signed a new client with 100 Units. AppFolio’s reporting, Owner Statements and Craigslist integration were among the main reasons they chose us!"

~ Ray Scarabosio,
Jackson Group Property Management


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