The Paperless Property Management Office

If you're interested in how you can save money and help the environment then you are probably looking at ways to reduce the paper you use in your office.

Save money on paper, supplies & storage

Printing, copying and keeping paper files costs money—probably more than you think when you add it up. You are paying not only for the paper and supplies; you're also paying for the storage space you use to keep all of your paper files.

Save time (and money)

If it takes 5 minutes to retrieve and replace a paper file, and if an employee works with ten paper files each day that's 5 weeks of time just walking files around the office! If you think of the cost per hour, at $20/hr that equals $4,300 in wasted time.

With web-based property management software everyone in your office has access to AppFolio and the electronic documentation from the office and while traveling. Your team is more productive because they can quickly access the data they need, exactly when they need it.

"We needed a web-based service that can handle our large portfolio because we are serious about reducing our use of paper and saving money doing it."

~ Bob Machado,
Home Pointe Property Management

Store documents for as long as you need

Your documents are associated with resident or owner records so you can retrieve past communications and important files whenever you need them. All communications are stored in AppFolio so you have quick access to historical information, which helps you be more compliant with laws and regulations. There are no storage limits—you can upload and store as many documents as you need to run your business.

Because AppFolio is a complete web-based property management software solution you will make big steps towards reducing the paper you use in your office.



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