Fully integrated, free online rent payments are a beautiful thing. They’re hugely beneficial for everyone involved, but only if your residents take the time to set them up. These days, most residents are more than happy to pay their rent online and many will go out of their way to set up a payment because they know it means one less thing to worry about. However, some people need a little extra nudging. Here are a couple of ideas to help you increase the adoption of AppFolio’s Tenant ACH so you can sit back and reap the rewards.

Incentive Programs
Many AppFolio clients use incentives to encourage their residents to pay both online AND on time. These could range from “deal sweeteners” that prove inexpensive for you in the long run to contests which create some serious excitement for your residents (all while encouraging prompt, easily managed payments). For those who are struggling to get the proverbial ball rolling, this could be the extra “oomph” they need to improve adoption. Some examples include:

  • Reduced rent amounts ($15-$25) for residents that make a payment online
  • Gift certificate drawings (local restaurants, shops, etc.) for residents who pay online
  • A vacation drawing for residents who consistently pay online, on time, and who exhibit great community behavior (no complaints against them) for a given amount of time
  • Tickets to a local show or concert for the first 50 residents that sign up for online payment

If you market these incentives the right way, you can even make it fun for your residents to pay rent online.

Online Application & Payment Kiosk
Do you have residents who still swing by the office to deliver their rent check? Maybe they aren’t sure how to set up their account or they just haven’t had the time to do it yet. What better way to encourage them to sign up for online payments than by having a computer in the front office solely for that purpose! With a rent payment kiosk, you can convert residents to the paperless lifestyle by giving them an easy and convenient way to sign up. With staff on hand to help guide them through the process, your renters can transition quickly to online payments.

An added benefit is to use this kiosk for new renter applications. If a prospective renter comes in to your office, you can let them apply online right on the spot.

If you have any other ideas or stories about what’s worked for you, leave a comment and share the wealth of information with everyone!