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Use Mobile Technology to Improve Renter Engagement

If you polled renters on some of the things that property management could do to improve their overall tenant experience, it’s probably a good bet that communication would be pretty high up on the list. Yes, communication is important in just about any aspect of life, and renter-property manager relationships are no exception. It’s one thing for a property manager to state that their door is always open let renters know they can contact them if they have questions or issues, but it’s a whole other thing for property management professionals to take steps with their property management software to truly facilitate open-ended communication. Here’s a look at how renter-property manager engagement can be improved using mobile technology:

The Power of Mobile Technology for Renters, Property Managers:

  • Ensure website accessibility. Is your website easily accessible on mobile devices as well as desktop and laptop computers? It’s important to use a “mobile first” design when implementing a website with so many consumers of digital media going to their phones and tablets to research their next purchase or rental. This means that your website scales to fit any size screen so the reader doesn’t have to zoom in and manipulate the screen to read information or fill out an application. This goes for your marketing website as well as your renter portal. The more your prospective and current renters can do from their mobile device, the better.
  • Text notifications: Adding your renters’ phone numbers can also come in handy for staying in touch with them via text notifications at certain points of the month. You might send out notifications to remind them of payment due dates, to alert them of maintenance checks or just to provide updates on the property when necessary. Text messages allow you to get information out quickly to your renters.
  • Monthly email newsletters: In addition to setting up email addresses that your renters can contact to report issues or request maintenance, we’d encourage you to create and deploy a monthly email newsletter to your tenants. Include things like property news, changes to rent payments and even a general guide of upcoming events in the community.

Benefits of a Good Tenant, Property Manager Relationship

Communication isn’t just great for keeping tenants informed and helping to make them feel a part of your property community, but it can also lead to a better all-around relationship. Here’s a look at some benefits of a good tenant, property manager relationship:

  • Long-term tenants: When a renter feels more like a valued member of a community, rather than just a customer, it’ll likely make them want to stay longer. Improving communication can help with this.
  • Trust: When you make it easy for renters to contact you when they have issues, and then resolve the issue in a timely manner, it helps build trust.
  • Renter satisfaction: Enhancing communication and quickly resolving issues, ultimately, helps improve renter satisfaction. And when word gets out about this, it helps make a property more desirable.

Just like all relationships in our lives, whether they be personal or business-related, it’s important to have consistent, honest communication. For the relationship between property managers and renters – good communication is mutually beneficial and worth investing in.

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