Owners & Renters Are Mobile: Is Your Business Ready? (Webinar Recap)

Last modified on January 8th, 2016

With our co-hosts Grace Hill and Trulia, we hosted a fantastic webinar on what you should be doing to find and serve your mobile customers. Our presenter (Pierre Calzadilla, Senior Manager of Trulia Rentals) shared real-world tips on what you should be doing (now!) to cater to the mobile renter and how renters engage on mobile platforms; what features they want, and what prices are most searched for – we all learned something new!

Watch the recording to learn some great tips to connect with your owners and grow your marketshare. This webinar was filled with tons of fun facts about local and national consumer trends that will help you better understand the mobile renter.


Here are some interesting highlights from the webinar on how to cater to mobile users:

  • Responsive websites are key for connecting to today’s mobile renter
  • Having online/mobile applications is a must – it will allow you to streamline your business process and fill vacancies faster
  • Because today’s renter prefers calling for listing information rather than sending an email, responding quickly is imperative
  • 98% of renters used their mobile device at least once a week to look for a home

Check out the recorded webinar and slides to learn even more.

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Q and A
Can you delete a trulia account and just start all over with a new one?
We don’t recommend that. But yes, you could just start all over with a new email address. If you need help, just call our customer service department. You can find the number in your free account.

What differentiates trulia from other sites such as zillow?
We are focused on delivering insights, not just information. We care about being the #1 partner to the industry and working with them to create awesome tools to help them succeed.

Since Android is the most popular mobile network, have you heard anything about Flash Player being a problem on websites?
Android is the most popular mobile operating system. There are workarounds to get flash to work on Android. But long term, many sites are being developed with responsive designs. This way regardless of the platform, your data and information can be accesses.

Can you use Trulia to find vacant land to build an appartment on?
YES. You can change your search filter to “land” on the same search tool where you enter price, bedrooms or bath. Other filters include: Investment/Income, Lot/Land, Multi-Family Home and TIC. You can use these all at the same time too!

What is a good way to incorporate Appfolio for advertising on Trulia?
Luckliy you can just check a box and syndicate to Trulia. From there we recommend downloading Trulia’s agent app for even faster response to leads and more features that will help you maximize your presence on Trulia.

What is the cost to list sales on trulia?
It is free to List on Trulia, for sale and for rent. All you need is a profile to get started.

What percentage of Trulia traffic is mobile?
More than half of our 35M users come via mobile devices.

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