Quick and Easy Owner Statements

Last modified on April 23rd, 2018

It can be a time consuming process to send statements and reports to the owners of your properties on a monthly basis. Owner Reports are often a requirement for Property Managers and can also be a great chance to continue to reinforce with your customers that they made the right choice by selecting you to manage their properties.

When we first built AppFolio’s  residential property management software we realized that when you have to print and mail these statements, it is extremely expensive (postage, paper, time) and definitely a huge hassle!  So we made it really easy to customize and send the Owner statements along with any necessary reports.

The Owner Statement outlines all of the most basic activity on the property, as well as more in-depth and you have the option to attach specific reports if more detail is necessary. Work orders can also be included with any package of reports to show what has been done to the property during the time period in question and any maintenance costs incurred. We get really great feedback about the layout of the statements – they are very easy to read and understand.

These are also posted to the Owner’s Portal so your customers can have easy, online access to their monthly statements in just a couple of clicks.  Here’s some recent feedback from a very happy customer:

“As I was enjoying my holiday break in North Carolina, I found myself in a car full of family members traveling to Raleigh to visit my niece who is in school there. We were playing a game of Monopoly on my sister’s iPad when I remembered I needed to send Owner Statements. We paused the game and I logged onto AppFolio. In less than 5 minutes, I had emailed 400+ statements and resumed our game of Monopoly (which I won on the way back from Raleigh).

Woo Hoo! No angry owners and a happy staff not having to deal with a bunch of phone calls. Thank you, AppFolio!”


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