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4 Degrees Real Estate
Spokane, WA

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Single and Multifamily Residential, Community Associations

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A Bit of Backstory

Brothers Joel and Jordan Tampien founded 4 Degrees Real Estate with a vision of creating a full-service real estate company. Today, within the property management division of their business, they manage a mixed portfolio comprised of multifamily and single family residential properties and community associations. With a solid technology foundation, they have scaled their business from managing 20 units to a portfolio of over 4,300 units, and are continuing their growth today.


A Partnership with AppFolio

We sat down with Joel to learn about how their partnership with AppFolio Property Manager PLUS has allowed them to scale their business and maintain excellent service experiences for their customers.

Why is it important that you trust the technology you use at 4 Degrees?

We have been with AppFolio for just over three years, and we love the fact that they are innovative and forward thinking. The teams at AppFolio are always developing new capabilities and expanding the software, making it easy for us to grow. For example, just as we were investing in community associations, AppFolio released new association management capabilities within our software, allowing us to take advantage of new technology and bring on new business.

What allows us to grow is the trust we have in our software solution. We trust AppFolio Property Manager PLUS as our back-end supporter. With AppFolio, we’re able to go out into the market with a professional platform and approach new clients. Without this technology, we would not be able to solicit their business. I trust AppFolio as a company and can see us growing alongside AppFolio for a very long time.


"AppFolio Property Manager PLUS makes it easy for us to scale our business."

CEO, 4 Degrees Real Estate

How does AppFolio Property Manager PLUS equip your business to stay competitive in today’s market?

As we continue to expand into the multifamily world of asset management, additional reporting capabilities will be key for our business. With AppFolio Property Manager PLUS, we can dig deep into the numbers by creating custom dashboards and reports. We can service our clients in a much deeper and more efficient manner, and now we can deliver all of these insights directly to owners via the AppFolio online portal or by email.

Headshots of Joel and Jordan Tampien of 4 Degrees Real Estate (AppFolio Property Manager customers).

How will you face employee-related challenges as you continue to grow and scale your business?

I am very excited to leverage the new workflow features within AppFolio Property Manager PLUS to support our employees. Building our workflows directly into the software and equipping our teams with daily task lists will significantly cut down on the learning curve. As we continue to grow at a quick rate, we can bring on new employees and train them even faster, probably within 50% of the time.

Our service experience at AppFolio has been fantastic as well. Our strategic account manager makes rolling out new features within the product very easy, helps us with training for new and existing employees, and is very hands on. The partnership we have with our strategic account manager and all of the services teams makes it very easy for us to do our jobs which turns into continued success for our business.

With all of this, we know that our teams are working more efficiently; AppFolio Property Manager PLUS makes it easy for us to scale our business. When we were first getting started, our ratio from property manager to properties was one property manager for a 100 properties. Today, because of the efficiencies we’ve seen with AppFolio, our managers are managing a range of 180 to 200 properties. They can work from their laptops or iPads when they're on the property, allowing them to take on more and we can push our teams to their capacity with this software solution.

A double bed with white & orange linens & a separate image of a blue couch near a coffee table.

What are you doing to provide modern service experiences for your customers?

One of the things that I preach in our organization is to always clearly communicate with our clients. Within AppFolio, our teams can engage with our owners and tenants in a variety of ways, whether it's texting, emailing, sharing reports or owner statements. All of our customers are very happy with the detailed communication we provide.

Clients are looking for a modern service experience. They want to trust the management team that they have hired and have confidence that their investments are being taken care of.


"AppFolio holds the key to success for the industry, and it's a great organization to be partnered with."

CEO, 4 Degrees Real Estate

What would you say to someone who is considering switching to AppFolio?

I would absolutely recommend AppFolio. There's no doubt in my mind. Everything at AppFolio from the customer service to the product development far outweighs any other software solution that I've evaluated. We've seen what else is out there and have chosen to stick with AppFolio strictly.

With AppFolio’s multiple tiers, the software will fit the needs of any professional property manager. AppFolio holds the key to success for the industry, and it's a great organization to be partnered with.