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Chamberlin + Associates
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A Bit of Backstory

Chris Inghram is the Controller for Chamberlin + Associates, a property management company based in Phoenix, Arizona. With multifamily residential properties in three states, Chris and his team use AppFolio Property Manager to run an efficient accounting operation in their main office allowing them to grow from 6,500 units to over 10,000 units and still have room for growth without increasing their headcount.


Interview with Chris

We sat down with Chris to learn about how AppFolio Property Manager has boosted their efficiency across all teams and fueled their growing portfolio.

How has AppFolio equipped your business to offer a next-level customer experience to your tenants and owners?

The two key factors are ease-of-use and efficiency. Our property managers are happy with how easy AppFolio is to use, and they are ultimately able to do their jobs in less time with fewer clicks. This allows our on-site managers to focus on their principal role at their property and to provide a higher level of service to our tenants. Even tenants are impressed with the ability to pay online and find their tenant portals easy to set up and easy to use. We see a huge benefit to every team that interacts with AppFolio.

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"Whether you have 200 units or 20,000 units, you can use AppFolio Property Manager to effectively run your business."

Controller, Chamberlin + Associates

Tell us about how AppFolio Property Manager has aided your portfolio growth.

Before using AppFolio, we had five accountants for 6,500 units. We now have four accountants overseeing just over 10,000 units. We still have room for growth under the current staff, and we’re saving on overhead.

Regarding on-site efficiency, we have seen a massive improvement. AppFolio has allowed our managers to focus their energy on their primary responsibilities and get their jobs done more efficiently. No more late nights or working through weekends. Our employees are happier, and we’re continuing to drive new business.

How does AppFolio's Customer Success team support your business?

AppFolio’s Customer Success team has been a true asset to our business. If an issue arises, we can call in and get the issue resolved almost immediately. The team has gone out of their way to help and support us in the most gracious way. The support has been invaluable to our business and has driven our success with AppFolio. Onboarding with any software is a learning curve, and some of our staff were not as comfortable with new technology. With AppFolio’s support, we had an efficient transition and continue to be able to train our new staff effectively as we grow.

How do you see AppFolio supporting your continued business growth?

AppFolio’s innovation and improvements in technology have been the most significant differentiators for us as a growing business. It’s caused me to be an AppFolio “fanboy.” I’ve worked with other software companies in the past that make small improvements to their technology or tweaks over time. With AppFolio, every week there is a new product enhancement or feature that is changing our lives. It’s exciting to see what they’ve already done and to anticipate all the cool features that they’ll continue to build in the future. We have peace of mind knowing we will always be on the cutting edge of technology because AppFolio is continually improving and delivering the next big thing in property management.

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"I’m confident that regardless of how much growth we experience, AppFolio will always be our business partner."

Controller, Chamberlin + Associates

Tell us more about your partnership with AppFolio.

At AppFolio, someone is always there to listen and provide a thoughtful resolution. The culture of service and innovation at AppFolio is amazing. Everyone is willing to help. It feels like “old school” customer service at a level that you don’t see as much these days, if at all from a software company.

We don’t have to call in and sit on hold for two hours or wait for someone to call back and then they never do. With AppFolio, our challenges are addressed head-on and right away. Their teams make themselves available to us in a personal way. Whether it’s email, call or chat, I know that AppFolio is just a click away.

On the product side, new features are even better than we could have hoped for to address our business needs. The development teams can quickly take an idea, develop it into a tangible feature, and roll it out across the product. The entire AppFolio team is full of superstars from the Onboarding and Services Teams to the Product and Engineering Teams. I’ve never felt more supported by a software company in the unique challenges that we face as a business.

What would you say to someone who is considering switching to AppFolio?

Jump in. It’s going to change your business. I’ve found that even the biggest property management companies can use AppFolio. Because it’s an all-in-one solution, it’s given us the tools to evaluate our business at a high level and get an overview of the efficiencies of each department and the entire team. The enhancements that AppFolio has made to their product support businesses of any size and it is easily scalable. Whether you have 200 units or 20,000 units, you can use AppFolio Property Manager to effectively run your business. I’m confident that regardless of how much growth we experience, AppFolio will always be our business partner.