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Key Property Management
Las Vegas, Nevada

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Single Family Residential, HOA

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A Bit of Backstory

Key Property Management is currently one of the largest single family residential property management companies in the State of Nevada, with over 1,000 properties throughout the Las Vegas Valley. They started in 2001 and quickly grew to be an industry leader in the local property management market.

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Why AppFolio?

"We converted to AppFolio in 2012 and have not looked back," says Brian Hartsell, Broker and Principal at Key Property Management. "The ease of migration from our prior software with your implementation team was seamless. The functionality of the online-based access, direct deposit capabilities, owner / tenant portals and on-the-spot maintenance work orders has given our team the ability to do more efficiently." Key Property Management also takes full advantage of AppFolio's integrated marketing features, which allows property managers to post vacancies on many different sites with a single click. “The service to deploy properties to various rental advertising sites has assisted in keeping our vacancy rates at less than 2% annually."

When asked if he would refer AppFolio to other property managers Brian agreed, "I have colleagues in the business who inquire on the system we use and I am always very complimentary of AppFolio."


"Everyone seems to want to hear new ideas to make AppFolio better… It is great to have a system that evolves as the property management business does and doesn't fall behind."

Broker and Principal, Key Property Management

Interview with Brian

We asked Brian just how much AppFolio helps his business grow, and the specific features that most benefit his team.

Do you feel that AppFolio is an extensive solution?

We fully utilize most aspects of AppFolio and it gives us the ability to maximize our efficiency and increase our business. The ability for prospective tenants to apply online has really streamlined the application process. The reminders section has helped for us to keep up on HOA issues on our properties as well.

What has been your experience with AppFolio's Customer Success team?

The service and support team has been good with assisting through those odd accounting and financial questions that you experience in this business. There is always a response within 24 hours on any of our support questions.

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Do your residents pay rent online and is this reducing your costs?

Around 65% of our tenants pay online. One of the features we love the best and we market is the ability to pay rent for free by ACH. This option has helped grow the online payment rate.


"We fully utilize most aspects of AppFolio and it gives us the ability to maximize our efficiency and increase our business."

Broker and Principal, Key Property Management

What's Next for Key Property Management?

Brian's team has grown dramatically since their implementation of AppFolio and continue to grow through the software as well as their own innovative marketing techniques (You can check out their website here). "We have added to the staff over the years," Brian adds, "but not as much as we would have needed to had we not been using AppFolio. In addition, we are looking to expand to other Nevada markets this year, the mobility of the software allows us to centralize our database and work remotely."