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A Bit of Backstory

Established in 2008, North Hillsborough Properties, Inc. (NHP) is a professional community management company serving Florida's Hillsborough, Pasco, and Pinellas counties. For 10 years, the family-owned company has provided first-class customer service to large and small associations in mid-rise to high-rise condominiums.

Interview with JC Eckstein

We spoke with NHP owner JC Eckstein on his transition to using AppFolio Property Manager and how the software has helped his community management company grow and thrive.

North Hillsborough Properties Case Study

How was your transition to AppFolio?

Initially, when we started we were a franchise of a larger company. Two years ago we dropped the franchise and went out on our own. We signed up with a different software company because prior to that, the franchise had provided everything. It turned out to be a nightmare. Our accounting was a major mess and things went from bad to worse until we came across AppFolio.

With AppFolio, the implementation process was very organized. We had clear goals and tasks outlined for each member of my team. The team at AppFolio then took the data and implemented it into our database, allowing us to sign off on everything before going live. That was huge because if there were any issues, we could work together to resolve them. Now we're doing great, we're growing quickly and acquiring new accounts.


"With AppFolio, the implementation process was very organized. We had clear goals and tasks outlined for each member of my team."

Founder, North Hillsborough Properties

How did AppFolio help streamline your business?

AppFolio helped save our business. None of our financial statements were balanced. None of them. There were all sorts of issues related to the financials. Not only did AppFolio help us identify these issues, they helped us fix them. AppFolio treated us like royalty and it's been absolutely amazing.

Now that we're in a place where everything runs smoothly, we're looking for new accounts. And we're already getting them.

Overall, AppFolio has reduced the number of phone calls we receive, and not just because of the violations — but also because homeowners have the ability to go into their resident portal and see if the check came in, if it's cleared, and if it's posted.

AppFolio is also helping us a lot when it comes to service requests. The software has very solid documentation of when requests come in. In that aspect, it can help us mitigate some of the risks we may face.

How has AppFolio helped you communicate with your board?

Prior to AppFolio, it was really silly. People would send me an email, call, text, or put something on Facebook if they were having a problem with their unit — and it's hard to keep track of all that. So, I convinced most of my communities to adopt a policy that requires residents who have a service problem to use AppFolio's portal, and put the service request in. Then, it automatically tracks it and tells you where it is, and the board members can see it.

Before that, what would happen is Mr. Smith would call me up and say, 'My gutter is broken, I need my gutter fixed.' I'd have to take care of that, then I'd have to send an email to the board member saying, 'Mr. Smith called about his gutter.' Then, they might have questions too. Now, they just go into the portal and they see what was reported and by whom. I don't have to be the middleman distributing all this information all the time, and the board members can see right away what the status is of that service request. It saves me, time and makes things easy.


"I used to go to board meetings and bring hard copy statements for the board members. Now, I have the board members simply go on to the portal and look at the financials as soon as they are available."

Founder, North Hillsborough Properties

How has AppFolio helped you share your financials?

The data from AppFolio's financials is very accurate and very good. Before, we used to scan them in and add the bank statements and invoices, and email board members. When I'd go to a board meeting I'd bring hard copies for the board members. Now, I have the board members simply go on to the portal and look at the financials as soon as they are available. They're starting to go towards the portal more; as we're getting more comfortable with AppFolio we're getting better at teaching it as well.

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How will AppFolio help scale your business?

Our goal before the end of the year is to add 10 more accounts that are mid-sized to large. AppFolio has lots of board member materials and a marketing kit that I can use for my presentations. When we do a presentation for a board, we know what's important to them and we tailor our package to what they're looking for. Most management companies go in and do a tap dance. I like to go in knowing their pain points and simply talk about how we would help them resolve those issues, showing them right off the bat the value-add by being with us. We customize every presentation. I whip out my phone, click on the app, and Bam! There is AppFolio, no delay. They're so impressed and it ultimately helps us close more deals.

Would you recommend AppFolio to other association managers?

Absolutely. You guys have your act together. Our clients are so impressed. But, it's tricky because while I think you guys are doing a great job, do I really want my competition to step up and have the same thing?