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Winfield Property Management
Jenks, Oklahoma

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A Bit of Backstory

Winfield Property Management was established in 2005, managing around 200 units. Over the years they have grown their portfolio and now manage 2,000 units while continuing to expand their portfolio. Amy Bors owns and manages Winfield along with her team of corporate executives. In 2013, Winfield Property Management began using AppFolio Property Manager to run their business and assist with the growth of their portfolio. Today they manage a large, residential portfolio in Oklahoma.

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Why AppFolio?

With a growing portfolio, Amy and her team needed to find more efficient ways to market and lease units without increasing staff or work hours. Their efforts were torn in many directions and they were searching for a solution that would allow the team to bring all areas of the business under one roof. AppFolio provided them the comprehensive management tool they needed to efficiently and cohesively manage their portfolio, and provided them with the resources to quickly market their properties and keep vacancies low.

AppFolio's website services, leasing flow, and marketing capabilities has allowed Winfield to amplify their brand's presence and dominate in their market. They have more time to focus on customer service, which is consistently growing their reputation within their community. Aside from their own marketing efforts, Winfield has received an influx of new business attributed to positive word-of-mouth referrals.

The technology that AppFolio provides allows Winfield to save countless hours on daily tasks. With the Maintenance Contact Center, leasing features, bulk texting & email communication, as well as the ability to manage all areas of the business within one tool, Winfield is able to spend less time running the business and more time investing in their employees, providing better service to customers, and growing their business year over year.


"If you want the latest in property management technology, all of your business on one platform, and great service from your software provider, you can't go wrong with Appfolio."

Amy Bors
President, Winfield Property Management

Interview with Amy

We asked Amy to share with us the ways that AppFolio has helped Winfield Property Management streamline and grow the business.

How has the AppFolio technology impacted your business?

"I believe we are cutting edge. When I hold meetings with my peers in the industry to discuss local, state and national hot topics, I find we are most often better than our competitors with our technology. I feel this is due to Appfolio Property Manager.

As a result, I feel this has helped us dominate in our market. This has also improved our reputation and level of customer service and our peers in the industry have taken note. Many local and new investors to our market have also noticed and we continue to gain new business through the positive word of mouth. Our residents and competitors in the industry acknowledge that Winfield is one of the leaders in our local market."

In what areas has AppFolio helped you to increase efficiency?

"Appfolio has helped us place a greater emphasis on leasing and marketing at our communities, and has helped us increase our efficiency with our marketing. Also, the online leasing features have improved our leasing workflow. The need to enter data for each new applicant in multiple softwares has finally come to an end! Each leasing consultant is able to save 2 to 3 hours weekly due to the efficiency of the online leasing workflow."

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Has your staff found new ways of communicating efficiently with your residents?

With AppFolio, "our team definitely has more efficient ways of communicating with the residents. The text, letter and email features in Appfolio have really helped us improve in this area."

How has the Maintenance Contact Center impacted the daily schedule of your staff?

"The Maintenance Contact Center really helped us when we were in a bind. When our 364 unit property, which normally staffs 3 full-time office team members, lost an employee, they really got behind. It took us months to find a qualified replacement. The MCC really picked up the slack. We've discovered what a huge impact MCC had in decreasing the ‘busy work' with the office workload and decided to continue the service. This was a very good decision and the onsite team really appreciates this Appfolio service. I would estimate it saves the team 2 to 3 hours daily by not handling the maintenance calls. More importantly, they can focus on the customer sitting right in front of them rather than stopping to take a phone call."


"Our residents and competitors in the industry acknowledge that Winfield is one of the leaders in our local market."

Amy Bors
President, Winfield Property Management

What would you say to Property Managers who are currently looking for a solution like AppFolio?

"If you want the latest in property management technology, all of your business on one platform, and great service from your software provider, you can't go wrong with Appfolio. I feel this is the first time in my 20 years in the business that I finally have all facets of our company on one platform. Appfolio is very user friendly for our company and customers."

What's next for Winfield Property Manager?

"Our goals are to continue learning the software and fine-tune our company processes in order to provide the best customer service possible for our residents and investors. We will continue to focus primarily on large multi-family housing and anticipate adding an additional 100 to 200 units this year."