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Yale Management Services
Woodland Hills, CA

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Single Family & Multifamily Residential, Commercial

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Yardi Voyager

A Bit of Backstory

Rick Kaufman, president of Yale Management Services, is a prominent leader in the real estate and property management industries with more than 30 years of professional experience. When Rick transitioned into his role as president, the portfolio consisted of roughly 1,000 units. Today, Rick and his team have grown the business and now manage a mixed portfolio of more than 4,000 units — incorporating the residential & commercial markets. Yale Management Services keeps their competitive edge and continues to grow daily with AppFolio Property Manager by their side.


Interview with Rick

Rick Kaufman shares the reasons behind his decision to choose AppFolio Property Manager as his primary software provider, and the ways Yale Management Services continues to grow by attracting new owners, cuttings costs and having mobile access to everything.

Why AppFolio?

With our old solution, I felt that I could find a better product at a better price. When we were approached by AppFolio, I knew that it was the right technology for our business. It was nerve-wracking to make the decision to change, but we trusted AppFolio and took a chance, and it has definitely paid off for our business. AppFolio's comprehensive platform provides us the tools and resources we need to manage our growing portfolio.

How has your business changed with AppFolio?

Our business has grown tremendously over the past few years, and AppFolio has contributed to this success. With our website, designed by AppFolio, we're able to market our properties and attract new owners for our business. Prospective owners see the quality of our marketing and how we treat the properties we manage, and they know that they will receive that same level of service as our customer. Partnering with AppFolio allows us to be competitive with the services we offer and win new business in our market.


"Every day, wherever I am, I'm able to see the performance of our business with AppFolio."

Rick Kaufman
President, Yale Management Services

What has your experience been like with our Support and Services teams?

We've had nothing but great experiences with each person who works at AppFolio. From the initial conversations with our sales rep, through implementation and onboarding, and now with our customer success team, each person has been excellent.

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What impact has AppFolio had on your life?

In the past, my work and home life have been very separate. Work is a priority, but I like to spend time with my family as well. With AppFolio, if I need to check on the business, I can see everything I need to at home, from my laptop, or on the go with my phone. Now, I've incorporated these areas of my life, and I don't have to struggle to find time for both or risk losing valuable time with my family.


"AppFolio is a company I know I can partner with for years to come."

Rick Kaufman
President, Yale Management Services

Would you recommend AppFolio?

Every day, wherever I am, I'm able to see the performance of our business with AppFolio. It's exciting to watch our net income grow, see our delinquency rates decrease, and check on the leasing progress of new units. With AppFolio, I have the ability to see so much more and know so much more about my business on a minute by minute basis.

No one has asked, "why did you do this?" Everyone knows that AppFolio is the best. We know that we can continue to grow, acquire new properties, and become more accomplished with AppFolio's technology supporting our teams. AppFolio is a company I know I can partner with for years to come.