Mobile maintenance tools allow you to resolve issues fast and make cost-effective decisions.

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Quickly resolve inconvenient and potentially costly maintenance issues.

Keep renters happy with self-service options to submit requests.

Conduct inspections efficiently to cut down the time a unit sits vacant.

By using AppFolio’s maintenance functionality, everyone can know from wherever they are where a work order stands. The information is at their fingertips.
Jennifer Fischer Skyline Property Management

Sharon SchumacherNancy Chandler Associates

Sharon SchumacherNancy Chandler Associates

Maintenance Requests

Online Maintenance Requests


Renters can submit requests for maintenance repairs.

Renters can check the status of their requests online.

Property Managers can cut down on the number of after-hours phone calls.

Maintenance issues are inevitable and happen at all hours of the day. Using AppFolio's Online Portal, your residential, student housing, and commercial renters can submit maintenance requests directly to their property management company at their convenience.

Residents can enter a detailed description of the issue, select whether the property manager has permission to enter with their key, and click Submit Request. It’s that easy! They can then check the progress of their request as it moves from received, to scheduled, to completed.

Contact Center

Maintenance Contact Center: 24/7 Property Management Answering Service

Take the pain out of handling maintenance calls.

We know that an efficient, well-handled call can mean the difference between losing a resident and gaining a new one by referral. AppFolio Contact Center is a property management answering service designed to act as an extension of your office, taking the pain out of handling maintenance calls. No more late-night emergency interruptions! Our trained AppFolio agents will answer the calls for you, dispatch pre-approved vendors, and log all activity in your database.

24/7 answering service

Professionally trained AppFolio agents

Fast response, no matter the level of emergency

Cost-effective pricing

Contact Center has been a huge game changer in how we handle maintenance call routing. WE LOVE IT! I have spent much less time talking to people about maintenance, and having an intelligent human who has access to our database has proven to be wonderful.

Mike Waller   Mission Property Group

Optimize Your Maintenance

Work Orders
AppFolio's Mobile Apps

All-In-One Maintenance Management

AppFolio's Mobile Apps AppFolio's Mobile Apps

The AppFolio Service Request feature enables easy maintenance management for a project, from a single work order to multiple work orders with multiple vendors, all together in one Service Request. You have the flexibility to handle any size project.

  • Respond to and solve property maintenance issues faster.
  • Keep owners aware of your progress with copies of work orders via the Owner Portal.
  • Service Requests are fully integrated with accounting and leasing functionality in AppFolio.
  • Track time spent on the job, easily create bills, and create an AppFolio Service Request on the fly when you inspect a property through the Mobile Inspections feature in AppFolio.
  • Set the priority as urgent, normal or low to clearly define and organize your Service Requests projects.
Jeff Weinberg, Drexel Properties
With online work orders the maintenance worker is instantly accountable to get the work done–leading to better tenant satisfaction. As a result of this, I believe that tenants are staying longer. Jeff Weinberg, Drexel Properties

Jeff Weinberg   Drexel Properties

AppFolio's Straightforward Pricing

Straightforward Pricing

Software designed to scale with your business.

AppFolio's Straightforward Pricing LET’S TALK
In-House Maintenance

In-House Maintenance Tech Mobile View

In-House Maintenance Tech Mobile View In-House Maintenance Tech Mobile View

Boost your efficiency and savings with AppFolio’s in-house maintenance feature that streamlines the entire maintenance workflow with a simple, easy-to-use interface. The Maintenance Tech Mobile View saves your team time in billing work orders. There’s no manual data entry or juggling two systems to manage daily activities.

  • A paperless workflow for in-house maintenance teams that runs end-to-end from tenant submission to billing, with no need for printing or double-entry.
  • Managers can set hourly labor rates for Maintenance Tech users by GL Account, automating rate population when billing for labor.
  • Techs can use the Mobile App for one-touch access to a dashboard with their assigned work orders.
  • Add hours, notes, receipts, and update the status of a work order from the field using a mobile device.
In-House Maintenance Tech Mobile View
This feature makes it easier for the technicians to view their work orders and keep track of the work they have for the day.

Jenyffer De La Mora   P.A.C. Properties

Mobile Inspections

Mobile Inspections


Our Mobile Inspections feature gives you the power to manage on-site property inspections using your preferred mobile device. What used to take an eternity handwriting notes and typing up inspection reports can now be done instantly in AppFolio, with no extra fee. You will save a ton of time and shorten the unit's number of vacant days.

Speech-To-Text Compatibility
Move even faster—simply talk while you're inspecting the property and watch it turn to text on your mobile phone or tablet.

Upload Images to the Inspection Directly from Your Device
You'll never have to tote around a camera or go through the tedious job of transferring images from camera to computer—do everything from your favorite mobile device.

100% Built Into AppFolio
The Mobile Inspections functionality is completely integrated with AppFolio Property Manager. No need to import or export property inspections using a third-party tool.

Reach More Renters

Maintenance Made Easy: A Tech Guide

Reach More Renters

While it’s a great idea to make sure your maintenance staff has the tools they need, now is a great time to review your tech toolbox.

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