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With AppFolio’s modern property management software you can attract and retain owners to grow your business.

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Attract new owners with modern technology.

Keep current owners happy with efficient management.

Streamline owner and vendor communications.

You will not find a better industrial-strength property management software that will allow you to scale your business like AppFolio has done for us.
Steve Shwetz, Mesa Property Management

Steve ShwetzMesa Property Management

Steve ShwetzMesa Property Management

Online Owner Portal

Optimize Owner Communication and Management with the Online Owner Portal

AppFolio's Online Owner Portal AppFolio's Online Owner Portal
AppFolio's Online Owner Portal

Owners expect a few important things from their property management company: timely insights into performance and finances; and quick access to important documents, work orders, and reports. They want to know their investment is in good hands and staying profitable.

If you’re a property manager who oversees multiple properties from different owners, providing these things is easier said than done. You might return 50 phone calls a week, print hundreds of financial reports, collate packets, and print checks to send owners via snail mail. This is where AppFolio Property Manager’s online Owner Portal can have a huge impact on your relationships with your owners.

Using the Owner Portal, property managers can:

  • Give owners instant online access to shared documents: property or unit inspection reports, 1099s, and historical financial statements.
  • Send personalized owner packets containing invoices, work orders, or statements.
  • Accept owner contributions via Owner & Vendor eCheck.
  • Avoid annoying lost password calls (a common issue with owner portals) with a secure and easy password recovery system.
Derek Shanks, Northwoods Property Management
We can statistically prove to our owners that we occupy units faster. Derek Shanks, Northwoods Property Management

DEREK SHANKS   Northwoods Property Management

Owner Contributions

Owner Contributions

Owner Contributions

From within the online Owner Portal (accessible from a mobile device!), owners can securely and directly send funds to their property management company for emergency maintenance repairs, renovations, or reserves via eCheck or Debit Card. This feature can help complete emergency repairs and maintenance faster; and you can keep renters, vendors, and owners happy with quicker repairs and payments.

Owner Contributions

Attract Owners with Modern Property Management Software

Owner & Vendor eCheck

Pay Your Owners & Vendors Quickly via eCheck

AppFolio’s Owner & Vendor eCheck feature allows property managers to quickly and securely pay owner, vendor, or tax authority bills from within AppFolio Property Manager. We’ve simplified the lengthy, complicated ACH set-up process with your banks; minimized all future bank set-up when adding accounts; eliminated the risk of your bank phasing out ACH processing services; eliminated ACH fees charged by bank; and ensure that all funds are extremely secure with multi-factor authentication on all outbound payments.

One-click eCheck payments to owners and vendors

Highly secure with multi-factor authentication to approve outbound payments

Next-day fund settlement (if payments are completed by 7pm PST)

No additional bank processing fees

AppFolio’s Transparent Pricing, No Hidden Fees

Transparent Pricing, No Hidden Fees

We make it easy to understand and easy to plan for.

AppFolio’s Transparent Pricing, No Hidden Fees SPEAK WITH SALES
Texting to Owners
Late Fees are Assessed Accurately with AppFolio

Improve Owner & Vendor Communication with Text Messaging

Late Fees are Assessed Accurately with AppFolio

Both property managers and owners can benefit from AppFolio’s built-in texting feature. Property managers can quickly and easily send a text message to their owners or vendors right from the contact record in AppFolio. It takes just a few minutes to send personalized notes and keep owners up-to-date with important information using modern communication channels. A record of every communication is stored in AppFolio Property Manager.

Appeal to the modern, tech-savvy owner

Save time and effort on communications

Improve transparency

Update your owners and vendors quickly

AppFolio - How to Attract and Retain Owners

How to Attract and Retain Owners

AppFolio - How to Attract and Retain Owners

This guide explains how property management software can help you attract and retain new owners to keep your business growing.

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