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Optimize your leasing and renter management activities using AppFolio's all-in-one property management solution.

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Move in renters faster and more efficiently.

Communicate effectively with residents and owners.

Find the right renters for your properties.

The biggest thing for us has been the streamlined move-in process. This has gained us the most efficiencies. We love the leasing process.
Greg Rohde, Century 21 Sweyer & Associates, Inc.

GREG ROHDECentury 21 Sweyer & Associates, Inc.

GREG ROHDECentury 21 Sweyer & Associates, Inc.

Mobile App
AppFolio's Mobile Apps

Run Your Property Management Business from Anywhere with AppFolio's Mobile Apps

AppFolio's Mobile Apps

AppFolio customers have instant access to their entire database on their Android, iPhone, or tablet while working in the field. You'll always be connected, getting more work done, and providing excellent customer service to owners and renters.

  • Solve problems, answer questions and provide outstanding customer service to your renters, owners, and vendors from anywhere.
  • Send emails or click to call directly from the application.
  • Find your destination in seconds with integrated maps.
  • Take photos while conducting mobile inspections and instantly attach them to the record in AppFolio.
  • Add important notes as well as enter, edit, and view work orders.
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Tanya Martinovich, Stateline Rental Properties
Agents love the mobile app because they can pull up tenant information while they are out in the field. Tanya Martinovich, Stateline Rental Properties

TANYA MARTINOVICH   Stateline Rental Properties

AI Leasing Assistant


AI Leasing Assistant

AppFolio's AI Leasing Assistant

AppFolio's AI Leasing Assistant, Lisa, works 24/7 as part of your team to provide thoughtful, personable responses to prospective renters. She also ensures you have the data and insights you need. Lisa handles every inquiry and gathers data around the clock, giving leasing agents more time to offer personalized service to prospective residents.


Respond instantly to leasing inquiries, 24/7

Automatically book showings, qualify leads, and cross-sell units

Kick off your leasing flow with Configurable Workflows PLUS

View lead attribution and analytics to make informed decisions

Understand the ROI of your marketing spend with data and insights

Follow up with every lead to fill vacancies faster

Lisa ensures 100% accurate lead attribution, providing actionable insights to understand the ROI of your marketing spend. Limited availability, inconsistent data, and dropped leads are a thing of the past — with your new AI Leasing Assistant, you'll never miss out on an opportunity to fill a vacancy with the right resident.

Rental Applications

Online Rental Applications

Modern renters expect online applications they can access from anywhere, on any device. With AppFolio Property Manager, a prospective renter fills out an online rental application, pays the application fee via credit card, and automatically enters your AppFolio database as an applicant. In just a couple clicks, you can convert them to a renter and quickly move them through the entire leasing process when you're ready.

Attract more renters

Move in renters faster

Go paperless

No manual data entry

No lost checks

Jennifer Fischer, Skyline Property Management
With prospects being able to rent online right from our website, our apartments are getting renters quicker. Jennifer Fischer, Skyline Property Management

JENNIFER FISCHER   Skyline Property Management

Optimize Your Leasing Flow

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Tenant Screening

Built-In Tenant Screening

Built-In Tenant Screening Services

A bad renter can lead to increased turnover, costly maintenance repairs, and eviction headaches; that's why screening is a critical step in the leasing process. It's also one of the most time consuming, so we've made it easy. Instead of working in multiple systems, simply press the "Screen Now" button right in AppFolio's built-in screening software and receive a clear decision based on your specified criteria. Best of all, you can use these decisions knowing that they help keep you in compliance of Fair Housing Laws.

Choose from two tenant screening packages:

  • Credit & Eviction
  • Credit, Eviction & Criminal

Both include an easy-to-read summary and FICO credit score. Reports are displayed instantly in an easy-to-read format. If the prospective renter meets your screening criteria, you will receive the “approved” decision and can offer them the place right there on the spot using our online lease feature.

AppFolio's Built-In Screening Service
The tenant screening has given us a one-stop shop to do a comprehensive and diligent background check within the software. It streamlines the transition of application to tenant and the process couldn't be any simpler.
Brian Hartsell Key Property Management

BRIAN HARTSELLKey Property Management


  • Remove human bias
  • Comply with Fair Housing Laws
  • Move in renters faster
  • Increase occupancy rates
  • Find high-quality renters
  • No calling previous landlords
  • No antiquated faxing
  • Reduce the risk of bad debt

Online Leases

Online Leases: Secure a Renter On the Spot


Online leases make signing a breeze.
AppFolio's customizable online lease agreements feature allows property managers to create a branded lease and have an applicant quickly and easily e-sign it on the spot on any mobile device.*

Automatically merge renter information.
Information entered by your prospective renter for the online rental application is automatically merged into the online lease agreement, so the process can move quickly.

Customize leases for your needs.
We understand you have unique requirements and certain situations require different lease variations. Create as many lease templates as necessary to go paperless, save time and money, and reduce turnover time.

Renew leases and addenda quickly.
Send online lease renewals and addenda to existing residents outside of the move-in flow at any time, making the signing of lease renewals and addenda quick and convenient for both you and your renters. We provide finalized leases in all 50 states.**

*Our online leasing flow allows you to create a Blue Moon lease. Blue Moon Software
**We offer New York Stabilized Lease Renewal functionality allowing property managers to prepare a lease renewal document on the specific form required by the New York City Rent Guidelines Board completely within AppFolio.

Online Portal for Residents

Online Portal for Residents

AppFolio's Online Portal for Residents

The online portal lets your residents do everything from pay rent or dues online, to view and download their lease agreement, and submit maintenance requests from anywhere in a safe and secure way. You benefit from offering mobile, self-service options that the modern property management businesses are expected to deliver.

Using the Online Portal, Residents Can:

Securely pay rent online,
from anywhere

Quickly submit maintenance
requests and check the status

View or download
online leases

View Liability to Landlord Insurance coverage summary

Sign up for a Renters
Insurance Policy

Can easily access from the
App Store and Google Play

Texting & Email
Modern Ways to Communicate with Your Renters

Modern Ways to Communicate with Your Renters

Modern Ways to Communicate with Your Renters

Text Messaging has become an essential form of communication for businesses to connect with their customers. Property managers can benefit from this with AppFolio's built-in two-way texting feature. You can quickly and easily send an important text to your residents, owners, vendors, or prospects right from a contact record in AppFolio. Receive replies to your messages right in AppFolio and be notified immediately. It takes just a few seconds to send personalized notes to any of your contacts and all conversations are automatically logged in AppFolio. It’s ideal for sending things such as late payment reminders, package delivery notifications, short time-sensitive communications, maintenance reminders, and more.


Connect easily with residents, owners, vendors and prospects

Save time and effort on communications

Update your owners and vendors quickly

Appeal to the modern renter with technology they use every day.

Improve transparency

Close leases faster with prospects

Create Customized Emails for Residents and Owners

Create Customized Emails

AppFolio's property management tools centralize all information so it's quick and easy to create and send personalized emails to residents and owners.

For residents
Send personalized three-day notices or other types of communication, like a regular marketing newsletter or note about an upcoming renewal.

For owners
Send announcements, newsletters or business updates.

Easily access past emails
AppFolio Property Manager also stores the complete history of all emails sent, so you have access to past communications sent to both owners and residents.

Create Customized Emails



AppFolio Insurance

Accidents and damage happen — it's just a fact when managing rental properties. When they do, if your renter doesn't carry insurance it can be expensive. We have options that can be tailored to help property managers get the maximum protection for their properties and meet renters' needs, whether proof of insurance is required or not.

Liability to Landlord Insurance
Liability to Landlord Insurance

AppFolio Property Manager customers can instantly enroll residents in Liability to Landlord Insurance, which offers owners and investors increased protection against resident-caused damage. Once your lease mandates insurance and the required lease addendum language has been signed by the resident, you can enroll residents with the click of a button. Tracking and built-in reports make it simple to mandate insurance and ensure you have full compliance.

Renters Insurance
Renters Insurance

Renters also have the option to purchase renters insurance within their online portal through ROOST Renters InsuranceTM. With a few clicks in the online portal, renters can get a quote and sign up for Renters Insurance. It's easy to add property details and roommates to the policy to ensure optimal coverage.

Task Management

AppFolio Task Management

AppFolio Task Management Tool

Task Management with AppFolio's Activities can be created for properties, units, and occupancies, allowing you to stay organized and get things done more efficiently. You can have multiple eyes viewing the list of actions and anyone on your team can start working on them without needing to be notified. Track various activities related to the execution of your commercial leases such as preparing for rent increases, renewals, and options to expand.

Schedule, track, and follow-up with the Activities feature


Task reminders





Configurable Workflows

Standardize Processes with Configurable Workflows

Available with the AppFolio Property Manager PLUS tier.

Standardize Processes with Configurable Workflows

Configurable Workflows ensure you have consistent processes and service across all your properties. Training becomes a snap when you let the software guide your workflows, allowing for growing teams to get new hires up to speed faster. Gain visibility into the status of in-progress workflows and who is working on them to ensure nothing slips through the cracks.

With Configurable Workflows built into your software, you can:
  • + Automate routine tasks
  • + Prioritize work based on urgency
  • + Easily train team members
  • + Reduce time spent communicating updates
  • + Quickly implement process changes


Schedule Rent Increases

Schedule Rent Increases

AppFolio makes it easy to set up and track the schedule for rent increases based on the terms of each lease. Once scheduled, future monthly charges will be adjusted to reflect these changes.

Schedule Rent Increases Tool

Schedule Rent Increases

Schedule Rent Increases Tool

AppFolio makes it easy to set up and track the schedule for rent increases based on the terms of each lease. Once scheduled, future monthly charges will be adjusted to reflect these changes.

AppFolio's Straightforward Pricing

Straightforward Pricing

Software designed to scale with your business.

AppFolio's Straightforward Pricing LET’S TALK
Rent By-The-Bed

Expertly Manage Your Student Housing With By-the-Bed Functionality

AppFolio's Rent By-the-Bed option allows you to market and more effectively manage your student housing properties.

Lease to Students / By-the-Bed
Separate leases and tenant ledgers for each student renting a bed. Track who lives together and which cosigner is for which student. Move students in and out of beds without impacting the students living in other beds.

Charge & Receive Payments / By-the-Bed
Add charges and take payments for individual students rather than adding charges and taking payments for the unit as a whole.

Market Your Vacancies / By-the-Bed
Create and post a marketing campaign to advertise all available beds or conventional units in one ad. Prospective renters can apply, submit holding deposits, and be assigned a bed when available.

Universal Search

AppFolio's Universal Search Feature

AppFolio's property management search tool allows you to quickly find the information you need, saving you time so you can provide better service to your residents and owners Our search is intuitive, allowing you to search on almost any piece of information—a name, phone number, address, vendor, or customized label. The dynamic search works while you're entering in data so you find what you're looking for, often way before you're finished typing it into the search box. You can even search with just a small amount of information.

AppFolio's Universal Search Feature
Sarah Churchill at Hayden Properties, LLC
I call it the magic box, where you start typing in the word or an address in the Search Box and it's right there. It's very quick, and it's very efficient. Sarah Churchill at Hayden Properties, LLC

SARAH CHURCHILL   Hayden Properties, LLC

Tenant Screening Best Practices - eBook

Tenant Screening Best Practices: Mitigate Risk with Confidence

Tenant Screening Best Practices - eBook

Is your tenant screening process up to snuff? Consider these three things when implementing a foolproof screening process.

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