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Extensive Self-Guided Training

Instant Access to Free Support Resources

Award-Winning Customer Success Team

AppFolio has a very solid training program for our employees. Their customer service has been excellent so far.
John Mosby, M3 Property Management

JOHN MOSBYM3 Property Management

JOHN MOSBYM3 Property Management

Training & Support

Training & Support Resources

AppFolio Training & Support Resources

We aren’t a software company that implements and forgets, leaving you to figure it out on your own. When you become an AppFolio customer, you get all of the training and onboarding help you need to get started, as well as easy access to online resources to guarantee a great support experience.

AppFolio Training & Support Resources
Online Help Center & Community

Our online Help Center and user community is available to all our customers for free. It’s the top resource for sharing best practices and tips/tricks on using our product with thousands of other property managers in the industry. You can do it all from the Help Center, which is accessible directly from within the AppFolio product:

Access how-to articles, FAQs, and videos.

Ask questions to the online community.

Submit a Support Ticket.

We monitor the community closely; we use this information to continue to develop our product functionality with the features you want, a philosophy that our customers find invaluable.

Online Training Program
AppFolio’s New User-Guided Training Program

Our product experts mapped out and developed a live training program and self-guided courses for users of any business role in AppFolio to learn the workflows specific to their responsibilities. Self-guided courses walk you through how to optimize your AppFolio experience, and you can incorporate recorded and live training sessions as they fit your schedule. Our live training program includes several remote training sessions each week to help ensure you can use the product quickly and efficiently.

AppFolio’s New User-Guided Training Program
AppFolio Continuing Education Webinars

Each month, we host informative, product-focused webinars for AppFolio customers who want to ensure they are getting the most out of their investment and using the features and functionality to their fullest. If you missed one of our live events, these free webinars are hosted online for easy access at any time.

Annual Customer Conference & Events
AppFolio’s Annual Customer Conference & Events

Every year, we invite AppFolio customers to visit us in sunny Santa Barbara to network with other property managers, hear the latest from industry leaders, and meet with AppFolio product experts. It’s our biggest event, and customers come back year after year for the experience! We also hold numerous events throughout the year where customers can meet with other property managers and AppFolio staff for one-on-one support time.

AppFolio’s Annual Customer Conference & Events
Eric Davis, Eric Davis Group
AppFolio’s support team is second to none. They listen carefully to your needs and craft a unique solution to keep you efficient and on track. Eric Davis, Eric Davis Group

ERIC DAVIS   Eric Davis Group

Service and Success with the AppFolio Team

Service and Success with AppFolio

Service and Success with the AppFolio Team

See all the things AppFolio's dedicated customer success and implementation teams offer!

Our Team

Our Success Team Is Here for You

Listening to customers is in our DNA.

We always work hard to enhance our support resources, develop new training programs, and offer free self-service tools to ensure customers have all the answers they need at their fingertips. But AppFolio knows the value of having knowledgeable people behind the product—and these people make up our amazing Customer Support Team.

One of the things we love at AppFolio is working with our customers and seeing their efforts to become more efficient, more profitable, and more successful come to fruition. We also believe in transparency—because we know that great support really matters to our customers. We can say we provide great support; but we’d rather let our customers tell you about it.

It would take quite some time to spread the joy of how efficient and personable I think the AppFolio service/support team is. More importantly I am so impressed with their knowledge of the product. Thomas Martinelli, Thomas L Martinelli Realty & Property Management, LLC

THOMAS MARTINELLI Thomas L Martinelli Realty & Property Management, LLC

Data Migration

Data Migration

Ready to switch software solutions?

Moving data from one property management system into another can take weeks, sometimes months, and cause both stress and headaches. It can be a daunting project—and if you’ve experienced it before you’re probably scared to try migration again. But with AppFolio, we make the process as seamless as possible.

When you’re an AppFolio customer, you are assigned a dedicated Client Services Manager at the point of data migration. This is a real person who is an expert in AppFolio Property Manager and best practices on how to make the most of the software. Added bonus—they’re really friendly too! We provide you with a health check that allows you to address any data issues in your current system prior to going live in AppFolio, reducing the risk and anxiety associated with switching to a new solution.

Headshot of Brian Hartsell of Key Property Management (an AppFolio Property Management Software customer).
The ease of migration from our prior software with AppFolio’s implementation team was seamless. Headshot of Brian Hartsell of Key Property Management (an AppFolio Property Management Software customer).

BRIAN HARTSELL   Key Management

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