Online Portal Overview

The Online Portal is an easy, fast, and secure way to pay association fees and other charges online, access shared documents and submit maintenance requests. Access your Online Portal from any mobile device!


+ I made a payment online by mistake. How do I stop the payment?

You must call your bank and issue a stop payment. Neither AppFolio nor your association manager has authority to gain access to your Online Portal or bank account to stop the payment on your behalf. The same is true for an auto payment that has already been processed.

+ Can I schedule an auto payment to process quarterly?

You can if your association manager has allowed it. During the auto payment setup process, you can select the frequency you would like the payment to process.

+ Can I edit or delete my scheduled auto payment?

Auto payment details are displayed on the Home or Payments tabs in the Scheduled Payments section. Click Edit in this section to change the payment name, amount or account information. To change the date the payment is processed, click Delete, then return to the Home or Payments tabs to create a new auto payment. Click Delete to remove the auto payment.

+ Can I delete my saved bank account or credit card?

Yes. Click the Account Profile tab, then in the Saved Payment Methods section click the Delete button. If the Delete button is grey (not red), this payment method is currently used for an auto payment and you must first delete the auto payment.

+ Is there a fee to make payments online?

eCheck payments are free to you, but there is a non-refundable online portal convenience fee for a Credit or Debit card payment. This is in place to comply with current card network regulations. You are notified of the fee amount when you select the Credit or Debit card payment option, and are given the option to switch to eCheck.

The online portal convenience fee is a fixed, flat amount based approximately on your association fee amount.

+ How is my payment information protected?

We take privacy and security seriously and invest in state-of-the-art systems to protect payment information.

  • A dedicated team monitors the security of our platform and infrastructure 24/7, 365 days a year.
  • All sensitive data is encrypted both in transit and at rest.
  • Bank-grade security.
  • Our security is regularly audited by third-party reviews.
  • Security is baked into our software development lifecycle.

See all FAQs here.

Sign In to Your Online Portal

  • You'll receive an Online Portal Activation email or text message from your association management company. Click Activate Now in the email, or tap the link in the text message to establish a strong password to activate your portal.
  • Bookmark or create a shortcut icon for the login page so it is easy to return at any time.
  • You will receive a confirmation email once your portal is activated.
activation email

Make a One-Time Payment or Set Up an Auto Payment

If you see a message stating you cannot make online payments, please contact your association manager as this is a service they can choose whether or not to offer.

  • Once logged in, you will land on the Home tab where you can view your current balance owed and details of current and future charges.
  • Click Pay Now to make a one-time payment, or Set Up Autopay to create an automatically recurring payment.
  • You have two options of payment methods. Select eCheck (direct withdrawal from bank account) or Credit or Debit Card.
  • eCheck payments are free to you, while Credit or Debit Card payments carry a non-refundable online portal convenience fee that is added to the total of your payment. See the FAQs for more information about these fees.
home page with balance
  • Pay Now - Continue through the steps to submit a payment directly to your association management company. You will receive a confirmation email once the payment is successfully submitted, although this does not mean it has cleared your bank account yet. If you do not receive a confirmation email, you did not fully complete all necessary steps to submit the payment.
  • Set Up Autopay - Continue through the steps and specify the account, date, and amount to pay (specific amount or balance in full). If your association manager has allowed it, you can set the frequency for the auto payment to process, otherwise it will process monthly.

    You cannot schedule an auto payment to begin the same day. You will receive a confirmation email on the day the payment is submitted.

Edit or Delete an Auto Payment

*Please note, once an auto payment is submitted you cannot make changes to it.

Once your auto payment is set up, the details are displayed in the Home or Payments tabs in the Scheduled Payments section.

  • To skip the next month's payment, click Skip this payment. The auto payment will resume after the skipped month.
  • To update the payment name, bank account or credit card, click Edit in the Scheduled Payments section. Update the necessary information, then click Update.
  • To change the date the payment processes, you must delete and recreate the auto payment. Click Delete in the Schedule Payments section, then return to the Home or Payments tabs to create a new auto payment.
  • To completely delete an auto payment, click Delete in the Schedule Payments section on the Home or Payments tabs.
scheduled payments in portal

View Payment History

  • Click the Payments tab then click View full account ledger to see a detailed ledger of all charges and payments posted to your account.
  • Please contact your association manager if you have any questions about the transactions displayed
view account ledger

Update Your Contact Information

Click the Account Profile tab to view or update the following information:

  • Email Address - Change the email address you use to log in to the Online Portal.
  • Phone Number - Change the phone number your association manager has on file to contact you.
  • Choose Your Language - Change the default language of your Online Portal to Spanish.
  • Contact Preferences - Set up payment reminder emails to be sent to you 2 days before the 1st of every month. Use only if you make payments monthly
  • Saved Payment Methods - Delete a saved bank account or credit card.
  • Password - Reset your Online Portal login password.

account profile

Submit an Architectural Review

Submit a project for review along with supporting documentation and photos.

  • From the Compliance tab click Submit New Review.
  • Enter a description of the project and upload any supporting documents or photos.
  • When done, click Submit Review.
architectural review in portal

Submit a Maintenance Request

Submit maintenance requests directly to your association manager along with photos of the issue.

  • From the Home or Maintenance tab, click Request Maintenance.
  • Enter a detailed description of the issue, upload one or more photos of the item needing attention (select multiple photos at once from computer or camera roll), give the association manager permission to enter with their key, then click Submit Request.
  • Check the progress of your request in the Maintenance tab. The status will update from received, to scheduled, to completed.
    • maintenance request

View or Download Shared Documents

  • Your association manager can send important documents securely to your Online Portal. Access these in the Shared Documents tab.
  • If you’re a board member, you’ll see an additional section for Board member documents on this page.
  • You'll receive an email notification every time a new document is shared.
shared documents

View Another Unit

If you own multiple units within an association, you can manage all of those units in a single Online Portal. You must receive a separate activation link for each unit.

To view information or make payments for another unit, click View Another Unit, then click the button for the unit you wish to view.

select a unit to manage

Vote on Board Approvals (Board Members Only)

You’ll receive an email notification whenever your association manager creates an Approval requiring your vote.

  • The link in the email notification brings you to the Approvals page, where you can see Approvals needing action and old Approvals.
  • Click More Details to read about the approval, vote, and submit comments that are visible to the association manager and other board members.
  • open-approval-in-portal


In my portal it says I can't make online payments. Why not?

Please contact your association manager, as this is a service they can choose whether or not to offer.

Can my association manager see any of my payment information?

They cannot access any current or previously saved payment information.

I no longer own a home/condo/apartment in this association How do I delete my account?

Please contact your former association manager and ask them to delete the login information associated with your account.

What type of credit or debit card can I use?

Credit or debit card payments can be made from a Visa, Mastercard, JCB, Diners Club or Discover branded card from any country. American Express, gift cards, or prepaid cards are not accepted.

What type of bank account can I use to pay by eCheck?

You can use a personal or business checking or savings account. Make sure to enter the routing and account number exactly as they appear on your checks and confirm the account has sufficient funds before paying.

What is the maximum amount I can pay with eCheck?

You are shown the maximum amount you can pay at the time of payment in your Online Portal. For fraud protection purposes, the maximum amount you can pay via eCheck in a 30 day period is whichever sum is greater:

  • 4x the amount of recurring charges
  • 4x the amount of open charges (due now or set to post in the next 15 days)
  • You cannot pay more than $20,000 in a single transaction
  • You cannot pay more than $100,000 in a 30 day period

What is the maximum amount I can pay with a credit or debit card?

In a single credit or debit card payment, you can pay whichever sumer is greater:

  • 2x your recurring charges
  • $3,000

If 2x your recurring charges exceeds $10,000, you cannot pay more than $10,000 in a single payment.

Please note, if your recurring charge amount increases or if you start paying for a new unit in the same Online Portal, the max allowed for a credit or debit card payment will not change. This only applies to payments made via credit or debit card, so you can switch to eCheck to pay a larger amount in one payment.

To increase the max amount you’re allowed to match your current recurring charge amount, please ask your association manager to contact AppFolio about the issue, but please know that your convenience fee will also increase.

What will an online payment look like on my bank statement?

eCheck payments appear as "[association management company]". Credit or debit card payments plus the online portal convenience fee appear as "AF* [association management company]."

Can I get a printed receipt for my payment?

Please contact your association manager and they can provide you with a receipt. You can also see your payment history on the Account Ledger in your Online Portal.

Can I change the language of my Online Portal?

You can change the language to Spanish. Click the Account Profile tab on the left, then in the Choose Your Language section use the menu to select Spanish, then click Save.

How do I view my past payments?

In the Payments tab, click the View Account Ledger button to see your entire payment history.

I have two (or more) Online Portals but I'd like to have them combined into one. How do I do this?

Only your association manager is capable of combining your Online Portals, so please contact them directly to make this request. Your Online Portals must be managed by the same company in order to combine them.