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Anytime, anywhere, access to your owner portal.

Use your Owner Portal to securely access reports, property inspections, important documents, or 1099s shared by your property manager, and make secure monetary contributions to the property of your choice via credit/ debit card or eCheck (ACH).

Help Topics

Activate Your Owner Portal
Create a Password & Set Up Two-Factor Authentication
Access Your Owner Portal
Migrate to Phone Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)
View Your Dashboard
Customize Your Dashboard
View Statements, Transactions, and Documents
Update Your Bank Account Information
Make a Contribution


What is my Owner Portal URL?
Who do I contact with questions about my Owner Portal?
My reports are incorrect or not showing me the information I need, what do I do?
I entered my email address and clicked Sign Up, but haven't received my activation email, what do I do?
I have multiple LLC's but only see reports for one company in my portal. What should I do?
Why am I required to enable two-factor authentication (2FA)?
Are international numbers supported for 2FA?
Can I use Google Voice to receive 2FA codes?
Can I use a landline phone number to request a 2FA code?
How do I use phone 2FA while traveling internationally?
Who do I contact if I no longer have access to the phone I used for 2FA?