Anytime, Anywhere Access to Your Owner Portal!

Use your Owner Portal to access reports, property inspections, important documents, or 1099s shared by your property manager, and make secure monetary contributions to the property of your choice via credit/ debit card or eCheck (ACH).

Set Up Your Owner Portal

Your property manager will send an announcement email, or you will receive a notification email that an item is ready to view in your portal. If you have not yet activated your portal, either of these emails will prompt you to create a password and activate your portal.

Activate your Owner Portal and Create a Password

  1. Click the link or button in the email from your property management company to land on the Owner Portal login page.
owners email link
  1. On the Owner Portal sign up page, the email your property manager has on file will be automatically filled in. Create a strong password, then click Create an Account.
  1. You will be logged into your Owner Portal and will land in the Statements tab. Bookmark or create a shortcut for your Owner Portal once you are logged in so you can access it quickly in the future.

Access Your Owner Portal

Once you have activated your Owner Portal you can login anytime from a computer, tablet or smartphone.

To Access Your Owner Portal:

  1. Open the internet browser on your computer or mobile device and enter the URL for your Owner Portal (contained in your activation email).
  1. Enter your Email and Password then click Login.
owners login

Forgot your Owner Portal URL?

  1. For help retrieving your Owner Portal URL, open the internet browser on your computer or mobile device and type into the web address bar.
owners url
  1. Click Owners. Use the recommendations on the following page to retrieve the URL for your unique Owner Portal.
apf login

View Statements, Inspections, and Documents

Depending on what your property manager has published to your portal, you will see one or more of the following tabs: Statements, Contributions, Inspection Reports and Documents.

owners statements

Statements: View or download published statements and reports. Packets are ordered by date with the most recent at the top and will be grouped under the owner of record. Click Download Packet to download the packet to your computer or mobile device.

Contributions: Make secure monetary contributions via credit/debit card or eCheck (ACH) to the property of your choice.

Inspection Reports: You will see this tab if your property manager has shared an Inspection report. You can view the Inspection reports online, but cannot print them at this time. Click the Report Name to view it online.

Documents: Any files your property manager has shared will be stored here. Click the name of the file to view it online, or click Download to save it to your computer.

Make a Contribution

If enabled, you can make secure monetary contributions via credit/debit card or eCheck (ACH) to the property of your choice.

  1. Log into your Owner Portal and click Contributions.
  2. Click Make a Contribution next to the name or company that owns the property you are contributing funds to.
  1. Select a property, enter an amount ($15,000 max), select a payment method, and click Continue. eCheck contributions are free to you, while credit/debit card contributions carry a 2.9% online transaction processing fee.
  2. Enter the bank account or card details and click Continue.
  1. Review your payment information and click Submit.
review submit

Note: The contribution and fee will be processed as separate transactions. The base contribution appears on your statement as a transaction from the management company and the fee will appear as a transaction from AppFolio.

You will receive an email notification if your payment was successfully submitted. Print or save the confirmation page or email for your records if necessary.


I entered my email address and clicked Sign Up, but haven't received my activation email, what do I do?

Confirm you are using the correct email address and check your spam or junk mail folders. The email address you use to log in to your Owner Portal is the email address your property manager has on file for your record.

My reports are incorrect or not showing me the information I need, what do I do?

Please contact your property management company to discuss your reports.

I have multiple LLC's but only see reports for one company in my portal. What should I do?

Access to your Owner Portal is based upon your email address. As long as each record in your property manager's database has the same email address entered, information for all properties should be contained within one portal. Scroll down the page to see separate packets for each entity. If you still cannot find the correct packets, please contact your property manager.

Who do I contact with questions about my Owner Portal?

Please contact your property management company if you have any questions about the portal.




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