Owner Portal Overview

Use your Owner Portal to review reports, property inspections and other important documents shared with you online by your property manager. If enabled, you can also make secure contributions to the property of your choice and elect to receive payments via eCheck.

Video Overview

This video demonstrates how to navigate the Owner Portal and how to use all of the features included.


Activate Your Owner Portal

Your property manager will send an announcement email, or you will receive a notification email that an item is ready to view in your Owner Portal.


  • Click the link or button in the email from your property management company.
  • Enter your email address (where you received the announcement) then click "Sign up" to send yourself an activation email. Activate Your Owner Portal
  • Check your inbox for the activation email. Click the "Confirm my Email" link in that email to land on the Owner Portal login page.
  • Create a strong password then click "Create an account."
  • Your Owner Portal is now active. Create a bookmark or shortcut for this login page so you can get to it quickly in the future.
Activate Your Owner Portal

Forgot your Owner Portal Login Address?

  • Go to login.appfolio.com on your computer or mobile device.
  • Click "Owners." Use the recommendations on the following page to retrieve the web address for your Owner Portal login page.
Forgot your Owner Portal Login Address?

View Statements, Inspection Reports & Documents

Depending on what your property manager has published to your Owner Portal, you will see a Statements tab, Inspection Reports tab and a Documents tab.

Statements Tab: View or download published statements and reports. Packets are ordered by date with the most recent at the top. Click "Download Packet" to download the entire packet including attachments, or click "Choose Files" to view only select files from the packet.

Statements Tab

Inspection Reports Tab: View any Inspection Report your property manager has shared. Click the linked report name to view it online. You'll get an email notification when a new Inspection report has been shared with you.

Inspection Reports Tab

Documents Tab: View or download documents your property manager has shared. Click the linked document name to view it online, or click "Download" to download and save a copy elsewhere. You'll get an email notification when a new document has been shared with you.

Documents Tab

Make a Contribution

Make secure monetary contributions via credit card, debit card or eCheck (ACH) to the property of your choice. You'll always see the Contributions tab, but may not be able to make Contributions. It is up to your property manager whether to provide this service.


  • Click the "Contributions" tab, then click the "Make a Contribution" button.
  • Select a property, enter an amount, select your payment method, then click "Continue." eCheck contributions are free, while credit or debit card contributions carry a 2.9% online transaction processing fee.
  • Enter your bank account or payment card details, then click "Continue."
  • Review your payment information for accuracy, then click "Submit."
  • You'll land on a "Success" page if your payment is successfully submitted. You'll also receive a confirmation email which you can print for your records.

Need to stop your payment? Please contact your bank or card institution. Neither your property manager or AppFolio have the authority stop the payment on your behalf.

How will this show up on my bank statement? If you paid via eCheck, the whole payment shows as "AppFolio." If you paid via credit or debit card, the contribution and fee are processed as separate transactions. The contribution shows as your property management company and the fee shows as "AppFolio."

Bank statement

Update eCheck Payment Information

If your property manager provides you the option of receiving payments via eCheck (direct ACH payment), you can securely input or update your bank account information in your Owner Portal.

Please note, you will not see this page if your property manager does not provide this service.

  • Click the "Settings" link under your email at the top left, then click "Bank Account Settings."
  • Click "Settings" next to an owner record. If you're already enabled for eCheck you will see a notification - In this case, continue only if you're changing your bank account information.
  • Enter your bank account routing and account numbers and select the type of account.
  • Agree to the terms of service, then click Save Changes.
  • You'll see a confirmation message and will receive an email confirming your changes for security purposes.
Update eCheck Payment Information

Change Your Password

Change the password for your Owner Portal at any time.

  • Click the "Settings" link under your email at the top left, then click "Change Password."
  • Type your current password, create a new password, then click "Update."
  • The next time you log in you'll use your new password.
Change your password

Update 1099 Settings

Select how you'd like to receive your 1099 from your property management company. This setting can be updated at any time.

  • Click the "Settings" link under your email at the top left, then click "1099 Settings."
  • Click the "Settings" link next to an owner record.
  • Read through the "Consent Information for Electronic 1099s" and click "Download PDF" if you'd like to save a copy of this agreement elsewhere.
  • Select the box if you consent to receive your 1099s electronically only - It will be shared with you in the Documents tab of your Owner Portal.
  • Select how you'd like to receive the 1099. If you consent to receive your 1099 electronically only, this defaults to "Electronic," but you can also select "Paper & Electronic."
  • Click "Save."
Update 1099 Settings

Turn on Two Factor Authentication

Turning on two factor authentication adds an extra layer of security to your portal. In addition to your email and password, you're required to enter a six-digit verification code texted to the mobile number of your choice in order to log in. If anyone were to get a hold of your login email and password, they wouldn't be able to log in because they won't have the verification code.

Note: Two factor authentication only supports US-based mobile phone numbers. If you have set up two factor authentication with a non-US based mobile phone number and find you're locked out, please click the "Forgot Your Password" link on the login page to reset your password. You can then log back in and turn off two factor authentication.

  • Click the "Settings" link under your email at the top left, then click "Two Factor Authentication."
  • Check the box to enable two factor authentication then click "Save".
  • You're automatically logged out. Enter your email and password to log in again, then enter the mobile phone number where you'd like the verification code to be texted. Click "Continue".
  • Enter the six-digit verification code texted to you, then click "Log In".
Turn on Two Factor Authentication


Who do I contact with questions about things I see in my Owner Portal?

If you cannot find the answer to your question on this help page, please contact your property manager for assistance.

I entered my email address and clicked Sign Up, but haven't received my activation email. What do I do?

Confirm you are using the correct email address and check your spam or junk mail folders. The activation email is delivered from donotreply@appfolio.com, so be sure to add this to your list of accepted contacts.

If you still cannot find the email, please contact your property manager.

Why do I get multiple email notifications every time something is published to my portal?

Owner Portals are based on email address, so if you own properties personally, and have a company that owns properties managed by the same property manager, you can manage all items in the same online portal. Your property manager will have more than one "Owner record" for you in their software that both use the same email address.

My reports are incorrect or not showing me the information I need, what do I do?

Please contact your property manager to discuss your reports.

Why do I have to choose how to receive my 1099?

According to IRS guidelines, your property manager is required to get your consent to share your 1099 electronically only. If you do not provide consent, your property manager can share your 1099 electronically, but must also provide you with a paper copy.

I have multiple LLC's but only see reports for one company in my Owner Portal. What should I do?

Access to your Owner Portal is based on your email address. As long as your property manager is using the same email address for each company, you can access information for all properties in the same portal. Scroll down the page to see separate packets for each entity. If you still cannot find the correct reports, please contact your property manager.