Prospect Tracking

We heard consistently from our customers that it was really hard to actually track where each lead comes from. Receiving many leads is great, but it is helpful to know which marketing channel is working. So we set out to solve that problem.

With prospect tracking in AppFolio, you can collect guest cards online and the source of the lead is automatically captured and stored right in AppFolio. You don’t have to hassle with integrations that don’t really work or hand-entered lead sources that can be wrong.

When your prospective renter finds the online apartment listing, he can choose to “Apply Online” or fill out the Guest Card. When he fills out the guest card all of the information is automatically entered and stored in AppFolio. This not only saves you time, it helps you analyze where you’re spending your marketing money so you can make smarter decisions, and ultimately track prospects and fill vacancies even faster.



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