Supercharge your team with a truly modern solution

Get new hires up to speed faster and optimize your unit-to-staff ratio by streamlining the onboarding experience and flattening the learning curve. AppFolio’s intuitive user experience, configurable workflows, and smart automation quiet the noise so your team can operate at the top of their game.

truly modern solution

A better way to focus your people
toward top priorities

Standardize onboarding &
automate your team’s processes

Workflow Management

Workflow Management

Elegantly manage complex processes by guiding associates through multi-step processes and hand-offs. By centralizing policies and procedures into AppFolio’s customizable workflows, you ensure work gets done correctly and nothing falls through the cracks.
  • Easily identify procedural gaps and bottlenecks
  • Shorten onboarding by embedding your training manual into your software to provide just-in-time training
  • Immediately transfer tasks between team members
  • Prepare your team for unanticipated situations and variables
Embedded Automation

Embedded Automation

Complement your team’s hard work with thoughtful automation built directly into the platform. While your team focuses on high-impact work, let AppFolio manage more routine tasks, like quickly responding to all incoming inquiries, accurately completing data entry, and finally cracking the 100:1 unit-to-staff ratio.
Features include
  • Lisa, AI Leasing Assistant
  • Smart Bill Entry
  • Auto-Triggered Workflows
  • Auto-Roll Renewals

“AppFolio has allowed us to quickly scale and implement consistent, reliable processes across our business. The system is easy for all of our employees to use, ranging from our accounting to maintenance”

Michael Schmansky
CFO, Sunbelt Management, 3,300+ properties
Robust Training

Robust Training

Spend less time, effort, and expense on onboarding new team members. Instead, provide them with the product training they need, when and where they need it most. AppFolio’s self-serve training resources quickly get users comfortable with its features while freeing management to focus on more strategic work.
Resources include
  • Live sessions
  • Self-directed guides
  • Recorded webinars
  • User community
  • Help articles and videos
  • Support and product coaching
Universal Search

Universal Search

Imagine that every piece of information that drives your business – every contact, every property, every vendor, every work order, and more – were all in one place and easily accessible with a few keystrokes. AppFolio’s Universal Search does just that. With one single system to query, you can find exactly what you’re looking for in a refreshingly simple search experience.
  • Direct links to detailed views
  • Quick links to email or text contacts
  • Autocomplete starts searching as soon as you start typing

One powerful platform for all your staffing
and training needs

Custom User Roles

Create and assign user roles specific to your organization to easily limit your team’s access to only information and functionality that’s relevant to their roles.

Mobile App

AppFolio maximizes convenience with a fully-featured mobile app, so your team can work from the field or at home.

Two-Factor Authentication

Two-factor authentication defends against phishers, fraudsters, and unwanted users from accessing your sensitive financial and personal data in AppFolio.

Role-Based Security

Define roles to provide different levels of access to your users, so your staff operates in a controlled and managed environment.

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Minimize disruption, accelerate feature adoption, and maximize your investment with experienced, dedicated onboarding support.

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