Online Rental Applications

Are you tired of shuffling through stacks of rental applications from prospective residents, sorting them into piles on your desk and then squinting to read the handwriting while you type all of the data into your software?

With AppFolio, your prospective residents can simply fill out an online rental application and even pay the application fee via credit card. All of the data from the application is automatically entered into AppFolio, saving you a significant amount of time and energy while avoiding data entry errors.

Attract More Applicants

It is so quick and easy for the prospective renter to find the vacancy ad and fill out the online rental application. The new generation of renters are mobile and expect online application options.

Eliminate Double Entry And Paper Applications

You don't have to do the work of entering the data from the paper application—this is a huge time saver for you and your staff and cuts down on the risk of human error.

Accept Credit Card Application Fees

With just a few clicks your prospective renter can pay application fees seamlessly with the online rental application process. No lost paper checks you have to take time away from your day to deposit.

Faster Move-In

If you choose to rent to the applicant, all of the data is already entered into AppFolio so with our integrated lease flow you're able to move swiftly through the leasing process … no manual data entry at all.

How Does It Work?

Online Rental Application

1. Prospective resident fills out an online rental application from your vacancy listing, pays the application fees and the data is automatically entered into AppFolio.

Online Rental Application

2. Data is stored in AppFolio and you can check the status of all applications from an easy to read dashboard.

Online Rental Application

3. If the applicant becomes a resident, you click a button and you're ready to start the online move-in flow … it's that easy!

The complete process of accepting a rental application online to signing an online lease to moving the resident in is quick and streamlined, allowing you to fill your units faster and be more profitable.



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