Ratio Utility Billing: Free, With AppFolio

Multifamily operators find that it can be challenging to continue to raise rents in a weakened economy. This fuels the desire to look for other opportunities to increase revenue and cover the growing cost of utilities.

Ratio Utility Billing (RUBS) allows you to recover utility costs rather than simply absorbing them as a cost of doing business. The property manager receives additional management fees because there is an increase in revenue on the properties and the owner collects more revenue each month. Everyone benefits!

No Painful Integrations Or Manual Processes

Simply set up the Ratio Utility Billing allocation in AppFolio one time and enter the utility bills each month. The resident charges are automatically calculated and applied to the rental statement … it’s that easy!

Maximize Revenue

Increase rental income each month with a natural rent increase that covers the costs of utilities. And it’s free so you’ll collect even more money every month.

Just Turn It On

No extra spreadsheets, manually posting charges or complicated “integrations”. Everything is built-in to the software. Just turn on the feature and start using it.

Convergent Billing

All of your property and resident data is consolidated in AppFolio Property Manager so your residents receive one consolidated bill each month with utility, rent and other charges.

Residents Use Fewer Resources

Studies have shown that residents who are billed back for utilities are more likely to use fewer resources and will naturally conserve more. It just makes sense to pay for the utilities you consume.



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