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Introducing AppFolio Alpha™: The only asset you need to achieve your goals

By Nat Kunes January 26 2023 min read
Introducing AppFolio Alpha: The only asset you need to beat the market. AppFolio Investment Manager's newest AI-powered solution to help asset managers visualize key property data to maximize performance.

AppFolio’s newest AI-powered asset management solution, AppFolio Alpha™, provides an all-in-one experience that automatically aggregates, normalizes, and visualizes your key property management data. Our latest innovation delivers your team actionable insights for better strategic decision-making. You’ll be able to efficiently optimize your portfolio without spending hours in spreadsheets, ultimately giving your business a competitive edge.

Reliably streamline asset data collection + consolidation

When using third parties with different property management systems or software, consolidating reports from your property managers can be really difficult. AppFolio Alpha™ normalizes your asset data automatically in one single source of truth.

Draw insights from essential key performance indicators

Eliminate hours in spreadsheets. Instantly track, access, and surface essential KPIs around financial performance, property manager performance, and debt tracking.

Gain a competitive edge with performance visualization

With data visualization of essential reports, you can easily audit performance across multiple portfolios at a glance. Understand the health of your assets and how you’re tracking against budgets to maximize performance.

Error-free reporting to give you peace of mind

Deliver valuable insights to investors on asset performance.

“AppFolio’s newest addition to Investment Management organizes our deal metrics into one easily accessible location,” said Sid Beck, Acquisitions at Enduravest.Assembling our expenses, rent rolls, budgets, lease expirations, and more in one place gives us the ability to view our portfolio from a 10,000-foot view, or to pull apart each asset granularly, giving us a better sense of our business needs.”

Reduce Overhead

Not all technology is created equally. Achieve your goals with an affordable solution backed by a true technology partner that eliminates the need for additional headcount and enables you to accomplish more.

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