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What do most people find frustrating about bad service?

  • If you have a problem or a question and just want to talk to a real person … but you can’t find one.
  • When your provider is too slow to respond to your problem or request. If you have to wait and wait for a human to answer your question, it is really annoying!
  • Getting stuck in automated help—canned responses that tell you to go back to the help section, and back again, and back again!
  • Not enough training and help to make sure you get started on the right foot.
  • When the vendor squeezes you for extra fees for training and ongoing support.

We hate those experiences too! Our business success is based on long-term customer retention, not a one-time sale. So basically, we are only successful if our customers are happy. That is why there is extensive support, training, and upgrades included with the AppFolio service.

Our Team is Here For You

You are assigned a dedicated Client Services Manager at the point of data migration. This is a real person who is an expert in AppFolio Property Manager as well as best practices on how to make the most of the software. As an added bonus they’re really friendly too!

You can also submit feature requests and questions directly from AppFolio to provide immediate feedback in real time. We listen closely to these feature and support requests and use this information to continue to enhance our product. Our customers tell us they love that we listen to them and incorporate their feedback into our product development.

Want to see what our customers are saying about their support experience? Check out our feed of unedited, real-time survey responses.

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