When managing a property, smart financial decisions are essential, especially when you are accountable to an owner who is footing the bill. As a result, you might choose to limit property maintenance, only doing things once they are absolutely necessary. This can be more affordable in the short-term, but it also means that major costs can be incurred if the issues are allowed to get too bad. Likewise, there may be further problems if residents end up injuring themselves due to a lack of maintenance. With all of this in mind, are there guidelines that property managers should follow with regards to a maintenance schedule?

There is no rule, however, it is wise to ensure that you do the following.

Inspect Accessible Areas Of The Property Regularly
You need to know what’s going on in the general areas of your property that you can get into easily. Be diligent, and if anything looks like it is declining in condition, make sure that the appropriate maintenance happens right away.

Do Periodic Inspections On The Units Themselves
Particularly when the property is old, ensure that you conduct periodic maintenance inspections on the plumbing, appliances and other major items in the property. Make sure that more extensive maintenance checks are scheduled every 6 months to a year and before new residents move in.

Respond Quickly To The Concerns Of Residents
If a resident files a maintenance request, do not delay by weeks or months. Again, you may find that it is more budget-friendly to delay if possible when it comes to minor issues. But there’s no guarantee that it won’t get worse before you get there. Always make sure that you assess the issue, and put it in priority sequence with other maintenance needed on the property. This is easily managed with property management software like AppFolio.

The important thing with property maintenance is to remain on top of things and avoid procrastination. Pushing off too many issues will ultimately break a budget, and property owners will wonder why so many large expenses are popping up at once as the sky begins to fall. (Figuratively, let’s hope!)