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Austin Landmark Property Services, Inc.
Austin, TX

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Single Family Residential

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A Bit of Backstory

Rick Ebert, the owner of Austin Landmark Property Services (ALPS), started out as a real estate agent selling investment property in Texas. He soon discovered an opportunity to open a property management business that people could rely on and trust.

As the business grew, Rick learned that he had to work smarter and stay in touch with technology to keep his business growing at a fast clip. "You always have to put your A-game out there," says Rick, "In this marketplace, it is critical to stay competitive."

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AppFolio is The Right Foundation For Business Growth

Prior to using AppFolio, Austin Landmark Property Services was using PROMAS but Rick felt it was important to look for a product that could grow with them and not just satisfy their immediate business requirements. Rick ultimately chose AppFolio because "AppFolio is forward-thinking and meets both our current and future needs."

The convenience of using AppFolio Property Manager is also helping ALPS to increase their bottom line. Rick explains, "Time is money. We are saving a tremendous amount of money by not having to print and file everything." One of Rick's favorite features is being able to quickly upload forms and documents to AppFolio. Now they are able to run a 90% paperless office. "You don't need a server with a lot of space because AppFolio is storing all of that for us. I don't know if people realize what a tremendous benefit this is!"


"I have room to expand the business for even more success in the future. The bottom line is that AppFolio makes us look good!"

Rick Ebert
Austin Landmark Property Services, Inc.

Rick's team also appreciates AppFolio's strong focus on customer service. "I believe the support staff is sensitive to our needs", says Rick. "AppFolio listens to our feedback and implements on it! Other companies told us ‘we'll get to that'... and never did."

Web-based Property Management Software Increases The Team's Productivity

Rick's entire team of property managers work remotely so they can better serve their customers. In the past, these remote employees had to tap into the company server through a remote access login that was installed on specific computers. This was very time-consuming and cumbersome for the users. This process is dramatically improved since their switch to AppFolio; because AppFolio is web-based all of the employees can simply use any web browser to access real-time data. No more wasted time and frustration.

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Ease Of Use Gives a High Return on Investment

Kelly, the company accountant, thinks the universal search tool is the biggest time saver for her. She is able to be on the phone with tenants and owners and quickly access information without putting anyone on hold.

Rick explains that the biggest return on investment ALPS has seen since switching to AppFolio is "the savings in time and money because of how easy it is to use. I can tell you, if I can use AppFolio, anybody can use AppFolio!"


"You don't need a server with a lot of space because AppFolio is storing all of that for us. I don't know if people realize what a tremendous benefit this is!"

Rick Ebert
Austin Landmark Property Services, Inc.