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Text and email

Quickly and easily send texts and emails to your homeowners, board members, and vendors right from their contact record in AppFolio, and be immediately notified of replies. Additionally, you can send texts and emails in bulk to entire associations, so you can effortlessly share important documents and association information. All communications are also stored in a system of record for easy retrieval.

Shared documents and folders

Quickly share important documents with board members and homeowners directly through their AppFolio Online Portal. In a few clicks, you can upload documents like CC&Rs, meeting minutes, and community directories for residents to access whenever they need them. In addition, documents can be easily organized and unshared as needed.

“AppFolio helps me to better serve my homeowners because it streamlines our workflows and allows us to focus on the customer service side of things. We just love it.”

Mary Mccombs
Owner, McCombs Commercial Realty

Online Portals

Open the lines of communication with robust online portals that homeowners and board members can use as a one-stop-shop to complete tasks and access information from anywhere. Homeowners can easily check their Association Calendar, submit architectural and maintenance requests, approve board business and communicate with management through in-app messaging. You can share documents and simple request forms, providing a seamless customer experience to residents, while saving your team time from one-off calls and emails.

AppFolio Mailing Service

Take advantage of our fully integrated, end-to-end AppFolio Mailing Service to help keep your residents informed. For community association managers who handle documents required to be sent via postal mail, AppFolio offers peace of mind that you're compliant without adding to your team's workload.
With AppFolio Mailing Service, you can:
  • Send a variety of document types
  • Send bulk or individual mail
  • Stay informed of the whereabouts of your mail with statuses like in production, mailed, and processed for delivery
  • Reduce returned mail by selecting USPS verified addresses
  • Achieve operational efficiencies by avoiding manual mail work or multiple software solutions

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