Elevate Your Communications and Customer Experience

With AppFolio's modern solutions and constant innovation, you can keep your associations informed and ensure that your residents are heard, without having to add additional staff.

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Communicate effectively with homeowners and board members.

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Instantly reach your residents via text and email.

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Provide self-service experiences to reduce inquiries and provide instant customer service.

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2,677 doors
AppFolio helps me to better serve my homeowners because it streamlines our workflows and allows us to focus on the customer service side of things. We just love it.
A headshot of Mary Mccombs, Owner, McCombs Commercial Realty
Mary MccombsOwner, McCombs Commercial Realty

Texting and emailing

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2,219 doors
The ability to communicate through AppFolio, and track emails and text messages has greatly improved our communication to all residents.
A headshot of Mike Carrier, President, SOMAK Property Management
Mike CarrierPresident, SOMAK Property Management

Document Sharing

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I'm Ready to Boost Communication With My Associations.

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A screenshot of the APM Property Manager Management Portals tool for mobile devices
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4,000+ Doors | 40+ Associations
Having everything in one place for the homeowners and board members makes it so much easier. They can access their monthly board packet, which has everything they need to see.
A headshot of Jordan Levine, Cofounder, Pelican Property Management
Jordan LevineCofounder, Pelican Property Management

Mailing Service

With AppFolio Mailing Service, you can:

  • Send a variety of document types
  • Send bulk or individual mail
  • Stay informed of the whereabouts of your mail with statuses like in production, mailed, and processed for delivery
  • Reduce returned mail by selecting USPS verified addresses
  • Achieve operational efficiencies by avoiding manual mail work or multiple software solutions
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Select the document of choice.

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Preview and approve your mail.

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Send your mail with the click of a button.

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1,800 Doors
This is a simple and easy process, basically what I already do, but without running my own printer and envelopes.
Lynn CalkinsAssistant Community Association Manager, Teleos Management Group
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5 Ways Tech Streamlines Communication

Consistent, instant communication is critical to keeping your associations informed and connected. See how digital tools can streamline communications and free up your team to focus on your business.

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