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Trust, Efficiency, Strategy: Managing 3,000 Investors in a Volatile Market

Hosted by Tim Dhillon June 4, 2024
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Founded in 2022, Crew Enterprises (formerly Versity Invest) specializes in student housing and multi-family projects across the U.S. With a portfolio valued at nearly $2 billion across 22 states, Crew Enterprises has over 3,000 investors and was ranked the 129th fastest-growing company in the U.S.

With operational excellence at the forefront of its business strategy, Crew Enterprises has been successful in driving exemplary and impressive results for its investors. Their focus on in-depth strategic expertise, local market analytics, and a reliable track record has led to a trajectory of growth that’s not slowing down. In this episode, we sit down with Max Peterson, Jr. Executive Associate at Crew Enterprises, to discuss how they drive greater operational efficiency to create repeat investors and establish long-term growth.

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Hosted by Tim Dhillon, Associate Manager, Customer Care

Tim Dhillon has been working in real estate technology for 5+ years, and his role as Associate Manager, Customer Care at AppFolio allows him to foster strong relationships with industry-leading fund and syndication managers. His curiosity and experience working with general partners often leads to thought-provoking conversations, which naturally led to the inception of Invested. In his spare time, Tim enjoys working out, trying new foods, exploring the outdoors and spending time with his amazing wife and 2 beautiful little girls.