Your Investment Management Tool for Success

By Nat Kunes September 1 2022 min read
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With rapid market changes coming, your business needs the right tools at the right time so you can act fast and achieve your goals. To make the most significant impact on your business, consider a purpose-built software that will help you adapt and innovate while decreasing overhead costs.

Why real estate investment management software?

Real estate investment management software can significantly streamline the acquisition, management, and disposition of real estate assets. Dedicated software like AppFolio Investment Manager is designed to manage investments, reduce the need for manual data entry, streamline workflow and increase transparency.

With these tasks now automated, you will be able to save time and energy by not having to worry about tedious tasks like calculating returns, reconciling bank statements, or downloading reports from financial institutions.

Why adopt new workflows now?

How do you set 2023 up for success? Collaborate with a trusted real estate technology partner that will help your team streamline your processes and impress investors. Below are a few reasons why this is a prudent idea for your business.

Your existing processes will limit your team’s potential in 2023.

Were there times in 2022 when your workflow got in the way of your team’s wins? It doesn’t have to be that way. In an increasingly competitive market, good deals will be snatched up by the fastest and most agile investment management teams.

Now is the time to identify the workflows you can automate and improve and then find a solution to help you act on these optimizations.

Investor expectations have changed.

In a recent survey by AppFolio Investment Manager, 50% of real estate investors reported that they select their investment managers based on their use of modern technology, and 77% prefer receiving digital updates. Investors expect sophisticated, on-demand access to their investment information — is your investor relations team prepared to meet these expectations?

Tax season is coming.

Tax season is around the corner, and it is notorious for bogging down teams with endless paperwork like distributing K-1s. With expected changes to real estate taxes soon as well, it’s more important than ever to minimize tax season’s impact on your team’s productivity.

How our software helps you master your investments

  • On average, AppFolio Investment Manager customers saw a 70% growth in total EUM over a one-year period*.
  • In a recent survey by AppFolio Investment Manager, 56% of real estate investors use an Investor Portal. With AppFolio Investment Manager’s intuitive Investor Portal, your investors can access a dashboard with their investment information — anywhere, anytime, and on any device.
  • AppFolio Investment Manager helps streamline fundraising processes. Quickly exchange and track important fundraising documents (i.e., subscription agreements, operating agreements, etc.), collect soft commitments, and capture contributions in an automated workflow. Our customers have reported significant reductions in fundraising time, in some cases raising capital in less than one day.
  • AppFolio Investment Manager streamlines time-consuming tax season processes — you can distribute all K-1s to each investor in less than 3 minutes, gaining critical time back for your team so they can focus on more important things.

What our customers have to say

  • “It was literally the easiest transition I have ever experienced as far as technology is concerned.”- Justin Liggitt, Manager of Investor Relations and Marketing, DJE Texas Management.
  • “It’s just a great value and it’s helped me raise millions of dollars.” – Morris Groberman, NWCREI.
  • “We actually thought that the implementation process was going to be a little complicated but it was actually extremely simple.” – Park Row Equity Partners.
  • “It saved us money, it saved me on employees, and it saved us time and it’s helped me grow the business.” – Morris Groberman, NWCREI.

Why choosing AppFolio is a wise investment.

There are more than a few reasons we’re seeing other real estate investment management companies to adopt AppFolio Investment Manager:

A partner that matches your growth mindset

AppFolio was recently ranked Fortune’s #1 Fastest Growing Company in 2020 and #11 in 2021. On average, customers of AppFolio Investment Manager for over a year have seen a 70% in EUM.

A solution built for a faster fundraise

Our customers have reduced capital raise time by 50%.

Best-in-class support

How has your support experience been? At Appfolio, we believe your investment management software should feel like an extension of your team. When you have a question, our award-winning dedicated support specialists work directly with you to find a solution.

Feedback from our customer Brooks Baskin at 2B Living confirms these claims, “The best part has been having the team’s support and how much personal attention I am getting. Makes a huge difference.”

A product designed to be easy to use

One of our company values is “Simpler is Better.” We pride ourselves on taking complex concepts and making them easy to use. It’s one of the reasons why our customers are impressed by our waterfall feature.

We have a dedicated team that focuses on researching the best technology experience possible, and we partner closely with our customers to design a product that is easy for investment managers to use.

Seamless onboarding.

We’re passionate about getting you up and running as quickly as possible. We’ll have your team onboarded in 2 to 4 weeks.

Cloud-based software, services, and data analytics made for leveling up.

Imagine your portfolio—visualized, connected, accelerated, leveled up, and backed by a partner. Purchasing comprehensive and responsive real estate investment management software presents an opportunity to make a lasting impact on your business.

We challenge our readers to question the status quo and embrace new and innovative business methods. Exploring your real estate investment management options is the first vital step to setting your business up for success in 2023.

AppFolio Investment Manager’s approach as a software partner is designed to help you achieve your goals. Maximize your returns, exceed investor expectations, and work more efficiently with a system designed to bring your business into the future.

If you’d like to learn more, reach out to our investment management experts for a free consultation.