The AppFolio Investment Manager difference

By Mike Sebastian September 13 2022 5 min read
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Over the past few years, we’ve seen the Fall as the most popular time for the real estate industry to evaluate existing technology and upgrade their tools.
But your technology should be more than a tool–it should function as a critical extension of your business, and feel like a member of your team. Now is an important time to ask yourself: is your existing investment management software merely a piece of technology, or is it a technology partner?
We can’t emphasize it enough: a technology partner should feel like an extension of your team. Rather than provide a flat service, a partner is responsive, communicative, available, and innovating on your behalf.
As a leader in the investment management technology space, our priority at AppFolio Investment Manager is to provide a true partnership experience and best-in-class service to each of our customers, regardless of their size or business goals. Here is how we deliver on that priority:

Offer best-in-class support

How has your support experience been with past real estate investment management software providers? Too many software platforms try to create a “set-it-and-forget-it” model that leaves the end user high and dry if they run into an issue.
We understand it’s frustrating to reach out to a support team and be met with an automated response or even a webinar. When you have a question, our award-winning dedicated support specialists work directly with you to find a solution.
Our award-winning support team is a defining feature of AppFolio Investment Manager’s offering. We often hear from customers like Tony Bettis from All Pro Capital that other providers offer less support over time, and switching to working with AppFolio’s team has been a “night and day difference.”

Have a growth mindset to match yours

You need a partner who matches your speed and approach to the industry. At AppFolio, we create skilled and dedicated teams to quickly innovate on your behalf so you can remain ahead of the industry. We consistently rank on Fortune’s Fastest Growing Company list, winning the #1 spot in 2020.
However, our customers’ growth is our best measure of success. On average, customers of AppFolio investment Management experience a 70% boost in EUM over the course of a year.

Deliver a product that’s easy to use

What good is a product that takes you time to navigate or doesn’t offer the features you need? We’re committed to offering unparalleled ease of use to keep your workflows running smoothly.
One of our company values is “Simpler is Better.” We pride ourselves on taking complex concepts and making them easy to use. It’s one of the reasons why our customers are impressed by our waterfall feature. We have a dedicated team that focuses on researching the best user experience possible for real estate investment managers, and we partnered closely with our customers and their investors to design a product that is intuitive and easy to use.

Provide fast and easy onboarding

Downtime and onboarding time are profit killers for your business. So, we’re committed to keeping the start of our partnership as uncomplicated and streamlined as possible.
We’re passionate about getting you up and running fast so you can stay on track with your business goals. We’ll typically have your team onboarded in weeks, with available support along the way.
You can hear from our customers at The Sterling Group about their experience with our onboarding team.

Discover the AppFolio Difference

We’d love for you to experience our partnership for yourself and meet our team. You can sign up for a free demo here to learn more about who we are and how we’d like to help you achieve your goals and beyond.