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Innovative Software that Makes Life Easier For Management Companies and Residents

AppFolio streamlines and automates processes for community managers while bringing benefits to board members and homeowners as well. Learn more about how AppFolio benefits you:

Software Tools Built For Today, and Innovating for Tomorrow

AppFolio's fully mobile, cloud-based solution covers all of the essentials needed to manage community associations. Our innovative team works to add new features and enhancements on a weekly basis. Explore AppFolio's robust set of features for community association management:

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4,000+ Doors | 40+ Associations
AppFolio is an amazing tool. It provides us with the competitive edge we wouldn't have with any other product that I've seen out there to date.
A headshot of Jordan Levine, Cofounder, Pelican Property Management
Jordan LevineCofounder, Pelican Property Management
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Technology Must-Haves for Association Management

Discover how purpose-built technology saves you time, provides transparency, and creates amazing experiences.

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