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Green Property Management Practices and Why Residents Love Them

You’ve likely already addressed the main staples of your building’s eco-friendly performance when it comes to energy assessments, water use, and green building principles and general practices. However, many of the little things that really make a green community truly green may still need addressing. Residents across the nation are into trends, and fortunately, being green is a trend – one that’s hopefully here to stay.

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The Value In Going Green: Where To Invest

The environmental benefits to “going green” are well known. For rental property owners and managers there are also significant costs savings to be realized, as well. Here are some areas in which you might consider making green investments and saving money. Electricity Savings Consider tinting windows and planting shade trees. Trees on the east and […]

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Encouraging Residents to Be Eco-Friendly

When you manage a property / apartment complex, our customers find that it can be beneficial to encourage environmentally-friendly habits among the residents. Maintaining an environmentally-friendly building is not only good for the environment, it also happens to help market your units, and in some cases, save money. Here are 4 ways that you can […]

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