How Property Managers Can Conserve Energy And Save Money

Last modified on April 20th, 2018

Did you know the term going green doesn’t just mean being environmentally conscious, it also means saving money? Who wouldn’t want to do that? All too often, property managers forget that an energy efficient property is the best way to cut costs, add value to a rental space, and appeal to an all new set of prospective renters. So how difficult is it to make your rental property energy efficient? It’s not as hard as you might think.

Little Changes Make a Big Difference
Even little changes can make a big difference toward conserving energy. Most can even be done in a matter of minutes if not in just one day. Installing ceiling fans and a programmable thermostat are excellent examples of what property management can do to encourage residents to conserve energy. Have your maintenance crew change air filters in the heating and air conditioning system often as well. Adding energy efficient blinds or curtains can also make a big difference, and they’re a great feature to advertise in a rental listing.

Adding shade to the outside of a property can also make a great contribution. Not only does it help cool the building, it also increases curb appeal and can bring in a different breed of renter than you might’ve though possible.

The Green Renter
It may seem strange to say adding energy conserving measures will bring in a new type of renter, but it’s entirely true. Many residents put such a focus on being environmentally friendly that adding these features will make them more likely to submit rental applications for your property. They’ll also be more likely to assist in conserving energy once they take possession of the space.

Once you welcome a resident to your property, give them a list of ways they can help continue your energy conserving initiatives. These are simple tasks like setting the temperature at comfortable but efficient levels and turning off the lights if they’re not using the room. Obviously, you can’t force a resident to do anything, but many can be swayed when they see the benefits of being eco-friendly.


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