In a recent survey we conducted in partnership with John Burns Real Estate Consulting, we found that delivering excellent customer service was the top goal for residential property managers. While delivering service is important, in today’s mobile age, are you considering the experience? It’s often the memory of receiving the service that leaves an impact, but how do you start moving from service oriented to experience-based? The technology you rely on to run your business on has a direct effect on the service – and experience – you deliver to your renters.

The Truth: Property Management Has Gone Mobile

As seen through the number of people who own smartphones, entire generations have switched to a mobile lifestyle. Property managers should look for ways that they can use mobile-friendly technologies to help them better serve a population which is always on the go. Achieving this mobile-first approach is easier when you automate with these proven tactics.

  1. Online Maintenance Requests – Renters don’t want to plan their maintenance requests around open office hours, especially when issues can arise at all hours of the night. Instead, residents want to do everything from their iPhone. Property managers can use online maintenance requests to keep their renters happy, while simultaneously expediting and prioritizing work orders.
  2. Online Rent Payments – Renters expect the convenience of making secure online rent payments. Some online payment portals even allow renters to set-up automatic withdrawals so that late fees are a thing of the past.
  3. Online Applications – With mobile-friendly online applications, your prospects can fast-track their way to becoming residents. This approach can help you to lease out vacant units more quickly, appeal to a generation that lives with their phones in their hands, and start a new relationship off on the right foot.
  4. Automated SMS Messages – Another secret to providing excellent experiences in property management is to recognize the beauty of mobile-friendly communications. With automated SMS messages, you can keep your renters up to date on everything from scheduled maintenance to amenity upgrades and rent reminders. You can even customize the automated texts to send out personalized messages.
  5. Embrace The Power Of Email – Providing excellent experiences for your renters will require you to communicate on the platforms that they most often use. For many people the platform of choice is email. Recent studies show that the average adult professional spends 17 hours per week reading their emails. Whether you choose to use an automated feature or send out bulk messages to your renters, emails are a time and cost-effective way to communicate important messages to all of your renters.

Technology Can Greatly Improve Renters’ Satisfaction Levels

The key to providing excellent experiences in property management starts with embracing mobile technology solutions. With the right property management software, you can use online maintenance requests, accept online rent payments, review online applications, create automated text messaging campaigns, and send out renter email blasts all from the convenience of your computer, tablet, or smartphone. By making use of an all-in-one property management solution, you can make things easier for your renters, offer incredible services, deliver on an amazing experience, and receive great reviews, all while automating the many time-consuming processes that may be taking up your day.