AppFolio teams up with SurveyMonkey: Findings reveal customers mean business when it comes to tech

Last modified on December 14th, 2017

Recently, AppFolio worked with SurveyMonkey to see how real estate professionals across the Nation were embracing mobile technology, catering to Millennials in their business plan, and investing in technology in their quest to abandon old fashioned methods.

We already know that AppFolio customers are ahead of the game when it comes to the adoption of technology to grow their business; what our survey revealed was that compared to a year ago, about one third of real estate professionals will invest more in technology to give them a measurable lead over their competition. Those that do make the investment are best positioned for success. An additional 20% are likely to increase their reliance in the coming year. The concept of work from anytime and anywhere is realized with the use of mobile devices and the right software solutions.

Where do you fall in the mix? Below are some of our other survey findings:

  • 38% of real estate professionals are adopting property management software solutions as a key component in their strategy toward success.
  • 39% of respondents are issuing Email/SMS notifications, 25% are marketing vacancies on social networks and 14% offering online rent payment option
  • 35% said website development or enhancement is the most likely technology change planned for the next year.
  • 27% of real estate professionals are cutting out pen and paper in their quest to modernize their business.

For more reading on the survey findings, check out our features, and ExpertBeacon.

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