In Our Words: Employee Reflections From Pride Month 2021

Last modified on June 18th, 2024

At AppFolio, we actively work to create an environment where AppFolians feel respected, supported, and encouraged to be their authentic selves personally and professionally. We have a diverse LGBTQI+ employee community and at a recent employee learning event, heard stories, perspectives, and calls-to-action from members of our team

It’s how we as a company celebrate Pride Month, a time to reflect on progress in the areas of LGBTQI+ rights and inclusion, as well as challenges that lie ahead. Here are a few highlights: 

Daniel Bernal-Otero (he/him)
Associate Customer Care Representative

“Tennis has been my outlet since I was a kid. It allowed me to connect to other kids, eased my worries, and made me comfortable in my skin. I believe that the transformative power that sports have is a privilege that all LGBTQI+ kids should enjoy.”


Sam Britney (she/her)
Manager, User Experience – AppFolio Property Manager

“Coming out is a unique, personal experience. And it’s not a one-time event. I first came out at 25. I last came out yesterday at the grocery store. One area where I’m still growing is being aware of heteronormative phrasing and consistently using more inclusive language. I make mistakes, and when I do, I apologize, I acknowledge the privilege that I have, and I take the time to understand and do better.”




Nick Duggan (he/him)
Director, Learning & Development 

“Because of my background, identity, and experiences, there are areas where I feel like I have more privilege and power than others in our community. I’m learning more about and striving to be an ally to people of ALL gender identities and expressions, including trans, nonbinary, and genderfluid people.”


Isabel Jordan (she/her)
Product Portfolio Lead, Growth & Partnerships 

“Not all members of the LGBTQ+ community look, feel, or think the same. I love how we are all beautifully unique. It’s important to meet each individual where they’re at and drop any assumptions you have about what they should or should not be doing or saying, to allow them space to just be themselves.”

Chris Womack (he/him)
Vice President, Payment Products – AppFolio Property Manager

Parenting is such a joy, and has given me and my partner a new perspective on how far our community has come as well as the challenges we still face in the world. Earlier in my life, it was all about ME – now I’m working hard to use my life experience as a foundation to understand and advocate for others.”



Stephanie Yeung (she/her)
Senior Manager, Learning & Development

“Like many parents, we’re trying to teach our child about inclusivity and diversity, and having to contend with messages from the outside world that are not. It’s so meaningful when people who interact with our family really take that extra step to make sure we feel included. Recently, our son’s teacher used this specific name he calls me when talking to him, which is different from what he calls my wife. And it was so powerful that she actually took the time to learn the difference.”


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